Dining Area Updates....

I am always trying to find ways to organize and make the most of my space. When we bought our home 9 years ago, the house seemed huge for just the two of us, but now we have 3 kids running around and every room is being utilized.  One of the spaces that really lacks storage and cabinet space, is my kitchen and dining area.  I have a lot of dishes, serve ware and glasses since we love entertaining and no place to put them. I actually had to store some things in the garage and bring them out when I needed to use them. It was really inconvenient and I had a hard time finding things. 

 I love going to IKEA to get ideas on organizing and getting the most out of your space, If you have every been in an IKEA showroom, you know what I mean. Every singe room will have storage, shelves, hooks and lots of other things to get the most out of your space. Well, I spotted one of these cabinets with glass doors at IKEA, I loved the look of it and I thought they would work well in my dining area. For the next few days I brainstormed and thought about these cabinets, I measured the space and figured they would work well, and my husband was on board and picked them up for me. 

Next he spent a few hours assembling them. He really does loves me :)

The cabinets fit a ton of dishes and yet they don't take up very much room because they are not too deep. I love that they are white, so they kind of blend into the walls. 

I love that I now have an actual space for my outdoor dishes, disposable dishes, napkins and linens. 
I believe that if everything has a place, then your house will be neat, tidy and easy to clean. 

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  1. Wow, I love the finished work, I like your cabinets ;)

  2. they look beautiful, and customized for that space

  3. I LOVE those cabinets! They are my favorite and so perfect for a dining space. We have a small area that might work with these in our kitchen and i've been eyeing them for months. It looks gorgeous in your dining space!


  4. Ikea usually has a solution for all our storage problems! The cabinets totally suit your home and look great.

  5. It matches perfectly! You inspire me to organize my house!

  6. Do you know the name of the cabinet?

  7. I love your storage, so beautiful. I would definitely put these cabinets in a playroom and instead of using the top drawer for flatware, would use it for oversized art paper. I bet it took your husband forever to put together but well worth it.