Book Club #2- Five languages of Love

As you may know, I have started a book club with some friends, you can read about our first book  here.

June's book was The 5 Languages of Love by Dr. Gary Chapman. 

I actually had this book on my bookshelf since the day I got married, in fact someone gave it to us as a wedding gift 10 years ago. I am embarrassed to say I have never read it until now. 

I didn't think I needed marriage advice books, I thought I had everything figured out. But as I was going through my bookshelf, found it and decided to give it a try. 

I wish I read it sooner in my marriage, in fact, I wish I read it before I got married.  It opened my eyes to what my husband's love language is and what is mine. It made so many things make sense and fall into place. 

In the book Dr. Chapman, explains that we all have a love tank, which needs to be filled. 
Before you get married, the love tank is usually over flowing with love. 
He also talks about the "in love" feelings, and says that they usually only last about 2 years, after that you really need to work on the relationship. That is when you need to understand that love is a choice. It is a daily choice to put your spouse's interest before our own. 
Dr. Chapman talks about 5 different love languages in detail, I will just give a brief overview of them.

1. Words of Affirmation- This is your love language if you feel most loved and cared about when your spouse is expressive in telling you how wonderful you are and how much they appreciate you and everything you do. Compliments make you thrive. 

2. Quality Time- This is your love language if you feel lost loved when your spouse spends time with you. Fully there and focused on you. 

3. Receiving Gifts-  This is your love language if you feel most loved when your spouse gives you gifts. It can be as simple as getting you that box of chocolate he knows you like or picking some flowers for you. 

4. Acts of Service- This is your love language if you feel most loved when your spouse helps out with the chores around the house, cooking or watching the kids. In other words, you feel loved and taken care of when your spouse takes the time to make your life easier. 

5. Physical Touch- This is your love language if you feel most loved when your spouse gives you physical attention. It can be a hug, kiss, touch and sexual intimacy. 

Dr. Chapman says that Love is a choice, find your spouses love language and choose to show love to your spouse in that way. Its not about what YOU need to feel loved, its about what your spouse needs. 

I loved this book, I have read it twice so far and I will re-read it again when I need a little reminding.

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