Thoughtful Thursday

As a wife and a mother I feel like it is my responsibility to create a beautiful, comfortable home that we all want to come home to at the end of the day. My daughter and I were talking about how a mom changes a "house" to a "home" and the work that she puts into it. I asked her if she would like to come home to a dark, cold, and messy place. She off course said no. Even though she is 7, she already understands the importance of having a comfortable and clean home for your family. 

A lot of times in life we put our best foot forward when we are around friends, coworkers, customers and so on. But when it comes to our family at the end of the day, we are to tired. We throw some pizza on a paper plate and call it a day. We do not want our family to feel like an after thought. They should come before our friends and coworkers. 

We are given the powerful gift from God to be the nurturers in our family, and a lot of times we fall short on how we present life in general to our family. It could be something simple as using pretty napkins at dinner, it could be taking an extra hour out of your day to cook some pasta and toss a salad  together  for a home cooked meal, it could be as simple as lighting a candle, or cleaning the bathroom. 

I want my family to feel loved and taken care of, I want them to feel like mom has time for them. I want my family to feel not only is this the place they want to go to, but stay there to, I want then to feel like our home is the paradise.

Sure, I have some days where I am just to exhausted to cook dinner, and that is ok. It usually means that I either took my kids on a "field trip", or I was cleaning my home, grocery shopping, or working in the yard, Again, I have been creating a "home" by doing these chores. Now my family has a clean home to come home to, the fridge is stocked with food, and the yard is clean, which means my husband doesn't have to go out and mow the lawn when he comes home; so we get to spend more time with together with the entire family.

Lets take the time and create a lovely home for our families to come home to at the and of the day. We should not do it for praise, because the bible tells us that whoever was first will be last.  We should want to do this because we love our families and this is a way for us to express our love. We should do this so children can replicate this when they grow up, we should do this to please my Lord, because Proverbs 31:13 says "She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the days work for her servant girls. "

If you would like to take a moment in prayer with me,

Our Heavenly Father, I thank you for making me a nurturer for my family. 
You can see how much I love them, even though I do not always show it. 
Help me put my family first even if I have have had a long hard day. 
It is my desire to create a loving home for my family, a place they will want to come home to, A place where your light shines. 
Please help me be a loving mother and wife and remember that I can ask for help and rely on your strength when I have none left; for patience when mine is often gone and for wisdom and your endless well of compassion and love I need as a mother. 




  1. I absolutely love this post. I'm trying very hard to implement this in my own home but I struggle with it many days as well. My home is nowhere near as beautiful as yours but I think cleanliness and order are crucial to the feel of the home. Thanks for posting. I love your blog. I stumbled on it months ago after researching the white ikea table and I've enjoyed following you ever since.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Jessica. Yes cleanliness is crucial, it makes your home feel so much more comfortable. I alway say you need to start young, my kids clean up their playroom everyday, and they do a pretty good job to. The key is to have a place for everything. If they know where things go, then it is easy to clean up.

  2. Thanks for this today. It's like you took my thoughts from my head and so eloquently wrote this today. I loved the prayer at the end. You are one incredibly inspiring woman who I LOVE to follow through Instagram and your blog.

    1. Thank you for your comment Val, I could not do anything without my God, I see his love and blessings in my life everyday.

  3. You are truly a blessing to your family, I'm sure!

  4. You are a credit to your parents, a blessing to your spouse and a wonderful example to your children.