Thoughtful Thursday

A few sabbaths ago, there was a skit performed in church and it has been on my mind lately 
I don't remember it word for word but it went something like this:

A young girl who is tired of making the wrong choices in her life asks Jesus to take over and help her make all the decisions in life, she sits "Jesus" on a stool and tells him to make her decisions and he agrees. 
Soon her friends come one after another asking her to come do things with her: go partying, stealing,  joy riding, drinking, smoking and so on. Although it is hard to say NO, with Jesus' help she does. Her friends start looking down on her and not wanting to spend time with her, then finally there is a party she wants to go to where the boy she likes will be there, Jesus says NO because the parents will not be home, there will be underage drinking and more. But the young girl really wants to go and says that she is tired of being lame and an outsider and pushes Jesus off the stool and says that she wants to make her own decisions from now on, so Jesus leaves.

It was a nice skit, but I kind of forgot about it. Now a few weeks later I can't get it out of my head. 
This young girls temptations don't apply to me, but I have so many of my own temptations and faults in life like being quick to judge, being impatient, being materialistic, raising my voice, telling lies, putting other things before spending time with God,  and so much more. 

I asked Jesus into my life, yet a lot of times I don't listen to what he is saying. I think I am doing nothing wrong, but after I do what seems like little things, I start feeling the regret and pain in my heart. 

So I am praying and asking Jesus to help me make the right decisions before hand. So when I look back on my day, I don't feel regret, but peace that I made the right choices. 

If you would like, pray with me and ask him to help you to.

Our Heavenly Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am so sorry, and you see that I want to turn away from my sinful life. 
I pray that you forgive me and help me make the right decisions in life to avoid sinning again. 
Your son, Jesus died for my sins, he suffered and injured so much for me. 
He was resurrected from the dead and is alive! 
I ask Jesus to come and sit on this "stool" in my heart and help me make the right decisions in my life. I ask for the Holy Spirit to help me obey you and do your will every day of my life. 

In Jesus name, Amen.