Valentines Day 2015

I hope you all had a great Valentines day! We loved celebrating our love to one another this Valentines Day. Off course we don't need a special day to tell each other we love them, but it is a nice little reminder that we should take the time to do something special for one another.

Valentines day was my favorite holiday back when I was in elementary school. I loved how in each grade, we got to make our personal mailboxes for valentines, I remember picking out my valentines at the drugstore and handing them out in class. I loved the parties our classes had, I remember coming home with our little goody bags and looking through everything over and over, I remember trading candy and gifts with my sister. Simple things like that make wonderful memories. 

Even though my kids are homeschooled, I do not want them to miss out on the fun and still want them to make lots of memories. We made little goody bags for each of us and worked on some cards for each other.

I love how the kids made little cards for each other and how they picked out some small gifts for each other. Off course, we can't have a party without making our iced sugar cookies. (I used my recipe here.)  Emily helped me roll and cut the cookies and I iced them. They are not perfect, the icing was a little runny, but the kidos don't care, They just love eating them with a tall glass of milk. 

Take a peek into our day:


How did you spend your Valentines Day?


  1. so awesome! in our area we have homeschool co-ops that have get togethers for days like this. I don't homeschool but have lots of friends that do and they say that the co-ops are awesome. we had a relaxing day, outside then two little league basketball games