New Hair, New Me!

Last year, a few months postpartum, I got hit pretty badly with postpartum hair loss. I worked hard growing out my hair for the past three years, but now it was coming out in clumps, in the shower, on the bathroom floor, in fact it was all over the house. There where days when I didn't even want to brush my hair in the morning because I didn't want more to fall out. I kept my hair up in a top knot almost every day. Now, naturally my hair is already very fine, so I kept panicking when more and more kept falling out.

Now, towards the end of my pregnancy, I decided to have my stylist ombre my hair, this involved bleach. I ended up not liking it, so I had her color it back a few months after baby, but the damage was done. My hair started breaking horribly.

(before the hair loss)

I spent money on hair treatments, oils, anything to stop the breaking, but nothing helped.

So now I had postpartum hair loss and damaged ends breaking off. I was so upset, so I decided to cut it all of and start all over. 

The postpartum hair loss had long stopped, and although I miss long hair  I am loving my short hair now, No more pony tails or top knots. My hair takes only a few minutes to style each morning. 
I use a straightener to curl hair away from my face and it lasts all day.

I will probably start slowly growing out my hair again soon,  but for now I will enjoy the low maintenance of a short bob. 

Thank you so much for visiting,


  1. LOVE your hair! I know.... it's take ages to grow it all out, but how lovely is it to style and go?! and your necklace is to die for!!!!!! where did you get it??????

  2. I love it! You're rocking that cut!

  3. yeah! short hair advocate, right here. loving the curled but straight look, that would NOT work with my hair.

  4. it looks amazing!! I'm actually going for this style right now - growing my even shorter hair out to this stage