Day in The Life of a Homeschooling SAHM #2

Monday and Tuesdays are my favorite weekdays . They are slow and easy. We are well rested from the weekend and are ready to tackle the week.

Today I am showing you how our Monday went by. No two days are ever the same, and most of the time I still find it difficult to homeschool with my baby who is now 11 months old. He loves to get into everything, pull things down, and destroy everything in sight. Which is why I am so thankful he takes a nice long nap after breakfast so we can get a big chunk of school done.

So if you have ever wanted to see what a stay at home, homeschooling mom of a 7 year old, 4 year old and an 11 month old does all day, here it goes.

7am I woke up and made William a bottle, and he fell back asleep. I lay in bed, check some of my favorite blogs, my email, Facebook, instagram.  I get myself a glass a water and decide that today will be the day I should make a DAY IN THE LIFE blog post, I head back to bed, I am not a morning person.

8:30 am I start hearing the kids stirring and talking. Everyone comes to my bed for some cuddle time.

8:30-9am We get up, get dressed, brush teeth/hair. We make our beds and clean our rooms, I start the laundry ( I usually do a load of lights and darks every day)

William usually spends this time playing in the crib where he is nice and safe. This little guy can be a little trouble maker, His latest mission is to open toilet lid and touch the water in the toilets. Eeeek! And another favorite is to climb onto chairs and tables. Ahhh! 

If the kids are done with all of their morning chores, they get started on their independent work. Independent work is writing, coloring, tracing, drawing or anything else they can do without me. 

I have laid everything out for them on their desks the night before, so everything is ready to go in the morning. 

9am-10am I come downstairs with an arms full of bottles and cups that need to be washed from the night. I make breakfast. We have bagels with fresh fruit. William has yogurt, cereal and fresh fruit. 

I open the blinds, turn lamps and the fire place on. I also like to light a nice smelling candle.

This is when I appreciate waking up to a clean house. It takes only a few minutes to pick up the mess at the end of the day, but it makes a world of a difference waking into a clean kitchen/dining room. 

We eat breakfast and tidy the kitchen

William usually always need to be changed after a meal, he goes through so many clothes a day. I am sure he creates 1 third of the laundry, lol. 

10-11am William (11 month old)  plays and I work one on one with Nicholas (Preschooler)

 After Nicholas and I go through our lessons, he goes to play.

Meanwhile Emily (1st grader) continues to work on her independent work: spelling, handwriting, copywork, cutting and pasting. 

11am-12pm I put William down for a nap and work one on one with Emily: Bible, history, science, math, read aloud and reading. We use Sonlight curriculum. 

12:05pm William has woken up from his nap and we have just finished school, so it was perfect timing.

12:00pm  I take this time to get all of the lessons ready for the next day. It takes a few minutes, but gives me peace of mind that the next morning will go smoothly. 

We all help in cleaning the school room 

12:30pm The kids play in the play room and I fold 2 loads of laundry and put everything away.

 1pm Lunch time. Today we are having last nights left overs with some fresh veggies. But if we do not have left overs, I always keep things for grilled cheese, turkey sandwiches, or mac and cheese.

1:30pm-3pm I tidy up  the kitchen after lunch, and start dinner prep. After dinner is prepped, I clean the kitchen once more, get mail, bring in trash cans (it's trash day)

William goes down for another nap at 2pm, but it only lasts about half an hour.

3pm-4:30pm This is when I run any errands or we take a walk/bike ride around the neighborhood.
 Today I had to go to Party City to pick up things for William's first birthday which is coming up soon (I am so excited!!)  and then we had to go to the library.

5-5:30pm Hubby is home, we have dinner. Today we had chicken fajitas, Spanish rice and corn.
Hubby helps with  the dishes and then puts William down for another nap. I usually do not put him down so late, but his after noon nap was very short and he is cranky, however, he is up again by 6:30pm. 

 6-8pm This is our relaxing and family time. We usually watch a movie on Netflix or Hulu, since we don't have cable, We picked up a Magic School Bus DVD at the Library, which is what we watch today.

If I had any errands to run without the kids I would do so now so hubby could watch the kids.

8-8:30pm Kids have a snack and we tidy up the down stairs and play room. Toys get put away, tables and counters wiped down. All the dishes are washed and put away. 

8:30pm is bed time for the kids. They brush their teeth, say their prayers and get tucked in. They also get to choose a story. Nico choses one of the new library books and I read Emily the American Girl Addy book. We are on book 2 and she loves it. I remember reading the Addy books when I was a child, They were my favorite because there was so much adventure in her life.

The big kids are tucked in, good night my dears. They will probably end up getting up to use the potty, talk and read, but they usually drift to sleep around 9:30-10pm.

9pm This is my "me" time. Hubby puts William to bed and I shower, read the bible, drink a cup of tea in peace and quiet.  

Shortly after that I collapse into bed exhausted from yet another wonderful day. Life is good, thank you Lord.  


  1. I just love posts like this! It's so interesting to read what mama's do with their little ones. You've got it so well under control, and I can't believe how big William is getting!


  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! Your children are beautiful!! :)

  3. I love reading your posts, too! It's really fun to see what another homeschooling family's life looks like. It's looks very exhausting and rewarding at the same time.