Baby Shoes//

I hope you had a great past week and an even better weekend. To be honest, the last few days have been on the rougher side for me. Baby William has been very fussy, which I am blaming teething on, because he is truly a sweet little baby (those darn molars!), I have had constant back pain, and its feeling like I can not keep up with everything I want to do.  So I have been in major survival mode. The only way he is happy, is when he is outside. Which is why he needed his first pair of real shoes, he has been wearing moccs till this point, but now that he is walking, he needs shoes he can walk outside in. We headed to Nordstrom to be measured and for his little photo and balloon, and then off course we stopped by JCrew, always a must. I was disappointed that there spring stuff wasn't out in stores until this coming Wednesday. I am so done with winter, I want spring! We then went out to lunch and a toy store.
//I think he likes his new shoes//

//how cute are these teeny tiny shoes?//

//my little love bug//

//i have a weekness for little baby shoes//
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  1. So cute! How old is he? I think we are almost to the stage where we need shoes as well although our little guy isn't walking.

  2. Those shoes are adorable! I hope he starts feeling better soon!