A little sunshine in January.....

Here, in the rainy NW, we are programed to crave sunshine, so as soon as it stops raining and the gray clouds disappear we rush outdoors as if to soak up as much sunshine we can before the angry clouds return. It felt great get some fresh air, and it was William's first time at the park since he started walking. Which made me realize that he doesn't have any water proof shoes, sure mocs are cute, but not very practical in this weather (when the grass is soaking wet), which means we need to go shoe shopping for the little guy. We are going to make a day of it and I am looking forward to that. 


  1. Rita, what a lovely family you have! Looks like you had some good family fun! We didn't see sun today in NH but plenty of snow and more on the way!

  2. Your kiddos are just so cute. We went to TN for my bday & it was in the mid-60s on Saturday! We spent all day outdoors in the beautiful Smokey Mts! Sunshine & warmth in the winter is such a pick me up.