Praising God First...

It is the woman's job to be helpers of the family. God made us this way. We can't help it. 

Sure the men help out occasionally or when asked, but it it typically the woman who will be up in the middle of the night, feeding the baby, or checking on the kids and pulling blankets over them, it will the the woman who will drive the kids to soccer practice (or our case gymnastics), it is the woman who is found nurturing her children and teaching them daily. We spend all this time taking care of others, but who will take care of us?

I was listening to the radio, driving home from the grocery store, tired and worn out. Then I heard something. I heard someone say: We all come to God and tell him all our troubles, our worries, and ask him to help us, but how often do we just come and praise him? God knows our troubles, he knows what we are going through, because He is God! After  I heard this, I turned on my favorite worship song and just started singing at the top of my voice, It felt so good to just praise him! I came home feeling refreshed and happy, instead of tired and grumpy.

Fall is such a beautiful season, probably my favorite. We went on the walk, and I could not help but praise Him! He is so good, he is such an amazing creator. He takes care of his creation. 

The Lord will take care of us. He is strong when we are weak, He is always there, ready to help. Rejoice in him, praise him and you will find strength to go on. 

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  1. This is great to hear. I recently wrote something similar as to this. Check out my Blog post on Being Happy. Leave me comment to let me know if you have any tips as well.I would love to read them. -StayBeautiful