Fall 2014

 Fall is so beautiful in the NW, and every year I try to get some pictures of the family. However, it has been raining for what seems like weeks, and if it is not raining- hubby was at work or is home after it gets dark. So when it finally stopped raining and we were all actually home, I got everyone ready in half and hour, grabbed  the tripod and headed to the nearest park. 

We managed to get a few pictures before it got dark. They are perfect to me, and I am thankful that they will be going into our photo albums to share the memories for many more years. 

Our family has grown by two little feet (the perfect little addition to our family)

The picture bellow is our family picture from last year (just to compare) I can not believe that William was in my belly there- and he is here now. 

 My "older" kidos- they are best friends most of the time

Me and my babies- I can be a mother to these darlings, forever and ever. 

Family means you will LOVE and be LOVED for the rest of your life. 
Love Nico's cheesy smile. 

God doesn't bless us to make us happy, He blesses us to make us a blessing. 

Take time to make your soul happy. 

My family, My life, My joy. 

Thank you so much for visiting, 


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