Cleaning Rubber Boots

Well the rains have come to the NW which means I had to pull out my rain boots.  They had bloomed quite a bit sitting out in the garage during the summer. These boots are rubber, which "bloom" leaving a waxy white residue on them. If you try to just wipe it off, that won't work.  I found that polishing them up with olive oil works wonders.

Clean them with soap and warm water and dry well. Then dab some olive oil on a rag and rub all over the boots in a circular motion.  Sometime you will need to do it twice, if you miss any spots. 

What do you use to clean your rain boots?


  1. Looks nice! We live in Colorado, where we don't get much rain, so we don't have any rain boots, just snow boots.

  2. Does this last? or does the white stuff come back a few days later?

    1. It has lasted so far, and it has been a few weeks.