9 Month Update

How do I already have a 9 month old?! He is growing so fast, like I say so every month. But really- 3 more months and I will have a one year old! What??!!

I have been doing some reminiscing. This picture was taken last November, when I was 7 months pregnant with baby William, we already loved him, even though we have not yet met him:

And our fall family picture this year, baby William is already 9 months old!

So yes, time does fly. We can all agree to that, the good thing is that we are the pilot of our life. So we can fly wherever and with whomever we want. 

Weight/Length: He is 27 lbs! 

New Milestones: William is an excellent crawler, he will follow his brother and sister anywhere!

He crawls up the stairs, he has even crawled on top of a kids chair and then proceeded to crawl on top of the kids play table! I am telling you, there is no stopping this guy. He thinks he can do wherever his big brother and sister do. 

He will walk around holding on to things, like a wall, sofa, chair. He has even started to stand on his own for a few seconds. 

Sleep: This is an area we are struggling in right now. He naps twice, sometimes three times a day for about 45 minutes. During night time, he has started tossing and turning a lot, not sure why- he used to sleep so well during the night. 
Eating: He is eating everything we eat during meal times, cut up into bite sized pieces. I am nursing him, and he now takes formula if I am gone- which is such a relief. That means I can be gone for more then 2 hours at a time. 

Clothing: He is already wearing 12-18 months clothing. 
Mood: He is a very happy baby when he is rested and fed when you are playing with him or carrying him around. As soon as he sees you, he breaks out a huge smile. I call him my little flirt.

  • Chewing anything he can get his hand on.
  • Bathtime! As soon as he hears the water in the tub, he comes crawling at lightning speed.
  • Being Outside, stroller rides are a life saver some days. 
  • He loves food, not purees, but real food he can pick up with his own hands. 
Doesn’t Love:
  • He doesn't like diaper changes or clothing changes. As soon as I get him down on the pad or bed, he tries to get away. So I need to distract him with something or change his diaper on the bed or floor. 
  • Socks. As soon as I get socks on his he will work on pulling them off. So I have socks scattered all over my house. 

  • What I Want to Remember:
  • How excited he gets when he sees me.
  • His cute little teeth.
  • How he loves his brother and sister, and will follow them around anywhere they go- they call him their little puppy. 
  • How cute he is sitting all on his own and playing with his toys- well mostly chewing all his toys. 
Thank you so much for visiting. 


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