Typical Homeschool Day

We have now started week 8 of Homeschool and we have gotten in a nice routine, which I am loving. I always get questions on how I manage to homeschool on top of all of my other daily tasks, so I figured I would share with you all.  

We use Sonlight 1st grade Core B
We follow the 4 day week, which means that Fridays are a day off for us. 


I have never been a morning person, but I have a little early riser (my 8 month old) So we usually start our day around 6:30-7am. I have tried tricking the bigger kids to sleep a bit more by getting black our drapes, but unfortunately as soon as they hear their baby brother they are up too. They come to my bed and cuddle around 7:30-8 am finally we get up and proceed with our morning routine: making beds, getting dressed, brushing teeth and starting the laundry. 

After the kids have finished their morning duties, I call them into the classroom, we do the calendar, and I explain to them what to do on their independent work. 

I used to use work boxes (which I am hoping to use again some day) But my little man thinks it's his job to pull out all the drawers, every single day. I am not kidding, he runs to the boxes as soon as he gets in the classroom. But as long as he is occupied, I am ok. We just compromise. :)

So for now I just lay out all of their independent work on the desks for them. 

While they do independent work, I get breakfast ready.

Independent work consists of:

Copy work
Cutting/Pasting/coloring/mazes/word searches

Ussually Em will get through at least two of these before breakfast, then after breakfast she goes back to work. I usually put the baby down for a nap now and throw another load of laundry in. 

While baby is sleeping I work with my preschooler while Em finishes up her writing.

Then we work on Math, review spelling words, verses and sing our weekly song. 

Then we usually go into the play room and get comfy and do all of our reading:

History, poems, read alouds, reading and more...

After all of the reading, we do science (which we actually didn't do today since we did today's part last week because we wanted to read ahead. 

After everything is done, we do our craft or experiment 
Today we decided to create clay cookies, strawberries and cupcakes. 
As soon as they dry we will paint them. 
(The kids are planning on using them for their tea party)

While the kids are crafting, I get everything ready for the next day, fold my huge pile of laundry and start making lunch. 

So by lunch time we are done with school and the baby is up. 

After lunch we run errands if we need to, play outside, prep dinner, clean the house and so on. 

We have started getting comments from people (for example at stores, library, restaurants and so on) "shouldn't you be in school" "is there no school today?" and we get to reply "We already finished my school" :)

I love this routine right now. I am thankful things are going so well. Off course not all of our days go by smoothly- Last week we finally skipped our first day. First day skipped out of 7 weeks, is not bad. I just combined all of the lessons in the next few days, so technically we did all of the work, but we had a day off. 

Well that is how our days go by. 

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  1. It's really interesting for me to hear how another homeschooling mom's day typically goes. I marvel and wonder how the young moms with multiple children do it. I only have one, older daughter. But, then I also work 2-3 days per day outside of the home. So, it's neat to see how each homeschooling family has the flexibility to make it work for them. And, yes, we sometimes get asked, too, if she ought to be in school.

  2. Great schedule! I love how you compromise with the baby and the drawers! That's exactly what my little guy would do, and I need to learn to compromise!

  3. This sounds like a great schedule. My son goes to preschool half day, but I've been thinking about working in some home-schooling-type-stuff during his Friday off, and the weekend, because he needs more structure on his says off. What do you do if your kids don't do their independent work? I'm not sure mine would sit there and do stuff on his own...

  4. I LOVED hearing your schedule, thank you so much for sharing! We have started homeschool preschool and I have been feeling a bit lost when thinking about our future homeschooling endeavors. You have inspired me! -Katie @ALittlePinchofPerfect

  5. Curious how you do spelling. We use the lists in Logic of English but I'm at a loss as to how to help her learn them, especially independently. I have her nopy them one day, we practice in the car, then test, but I'd love to g