8 Month Update

I feel like I have not blogged in forever, which isn't exactly the case- but one month is a long time. 
I never intended to take a break, but with homeschool and life with three kids in general it seems that I never have any free time.  

But I figured I should at least get my little man's update up (even though it is 2 weeks late... oops)

 How is he 8 months old already?! 
It seems that he was just in my belly and now I have a little baby who thinks he is a big kid. I may be biased, since he is all mine, but I think he is the cutest little thing. He has the cutest smile and makes my heart smile just thinking of him. 

Weight/Length: He is 25.5 lbs. I am not sure how long he is (will need to wait for his next dr apt)

New Milestones: As soon as William turned 8 months, he started crawling with his belly off the floor. It's like something clicked, and shortly after he started pulling himself up on everything and waking around while holding on to things. 

He crawls up the stairs (with me behind him off course) I am telling you, there is no stopping this guy. He thinks he can do wherever his big brother and sister do. 

He now has 8 teeth, the last 6 came in at the same time around 7 months. Boy was he miserable. 

Sleep: This little guy started waking up more often during the night to nurse, which probably means he is going through a growth spurt. However, he now take at least 2 naps a day which lasts at least an hour, which is a relief, because during his morning nap, we do most of our homeschooling and during his afternoon nap I get dinner ready. 
Eating: He is still nursing every 1-2 hours. If I pump, then he eats more (4-5 oz) So he is able to go 3 hours. He is not interested in any food from a spoon, even things he used to like, like mashed potatoes, yogurt, apple sauce. Now he just likes to feed himself. So I try and give him whatever we are eating. He loves roasted vegetables, fruit, bread and lots of other things. 

Clothing: He is already wearing 12-18 months clothing. 
Mood: He is a very happy baby especially when you are playing with him or carrying him around. As soon as he sees you, he breaks out a huge smile. I call him my little flirt. When we are out and about, he locks eyes with someone and starts smiling and babbling. He loves attention. 

  • Chewing anything he can get his hand on.
  • Bathtime- He has discovered how to splash with his hands and feet.
  • Being Outside, stroller rides are a life saver some days. 
Doesn’t Love:
  • He doesn't like diaper changes or clothing changes. As soon as I get him down on the pad or bed, he tries to get away. So I need to distract him with something or change his diaper on the bed or floor. 

  • What I Want to Remember:
  • How excited he gets when he sees me.
  • His cute little teeth.
  • How he loves his brother and sister. He loves when they play with him 
  • How cute he is sitting all on his own and playing with his toys- well mostly chewing all his toys. 
Here is my cute little bunch. They fill up my days with laughter, smiles, tears and tantrums:

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