Wedding Weekend

I love weddings! They are so romantic and everyone is so happy. 
I can not help but smile at the love between the groom and bride. This weekend we attended my cousin's (groom) wedding, and it was so beautiful. 

It was our first wedding with all three kids and it was quite a challenge. Little William is currently going through a nap strike and three of his top teeth are cutting through. So yes, it was a bit challenging. However, we made the best of the situation, because we really wanted to be there. 

Here are a few pictures I managed to take on the wedding day.

Our family

 My big kids

With my little brother who was in town

My daughter and nieces

Beautiful centerpieces

Our family with the happy couple

Isn't the decor beautiful?
I love all the hydrangeas everywhere, it is one of my favorite flowers. 

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