7 Month Update

Baby William is 7 months old already! Its hard to believe that in less then 5 months he will be a year old already. Time is flying by and he is growing so fast. Somedays I still cannot believe that not only is he here, but he is already 7 months old! It feels like just yesterday he was in my tummy. It feels like he has completed our little family, we can not imagine life without him. 

Weight/Length:  He is a big boy! At his 6 month check up last month, he was 22 lb 8oz and 29.33" long, that is in the 100th percentile. I am not sure how much he is at this moment, it is probably a little bit more now. 

New Milestones: He is rolling over, turning around and scooting around the floor by wiggling and grabbing the carpet! He will get on all fours, but does not actually crawl yet.  He sits really well on his own now. He has learned how to walk on his walker really well, which means if he gets in a corner he knows how to back up and get out.  

Sleep: He still sleeps very well during the night and wakes up anywhere from 6:45-8am. He doesn't do so well with naps. Some days if I am lucky he will nap for an hour, most days it is just 20-30 minutes. I noticed that if I pump and give him 405 oz before nap time, he will sleep longer. 
Eating: He is still nursing every 1-2 hours. If I pump, then he eats more (4-5 oz) So he is able to go 3-31/2 hours.  
He was excited for solids last month, now he has no interest at all. He won't eat any mushed up food. He is more interested in big chunks of food like a whole strawberry, pickle, toast and such. 

Clothing: He is already wearing 12 months, although some 9 months fits yet is snug. 
Mood: He is a very happy baby especially when you are playing with him or carrying him around. As soon as he sees you, he breaks out a huge smile. However, he has been a little miserable because 5 of his teeth just came out. Poor little thing.

  • Chewing anything he can get his hand on.
  • Bathtime- He has discovered how to splash with his hands and feet.
  • Playing peekaboo.
  • Being Outside.
Doesn’t Love:
  • He doesn't like diaper changes or clothing changes. As soon as I get him down on the pad or bed, he tries to get away. So I need to distract him with something or change his diaper on the bed or floor. 
  • To be put in his crib. I used to be able to leave him in there to play for at least 20 minutes, now he starts crying right away. 

  • What I Want to Remember:
  • How excited he gets when he sees me.
  • How he opens his little mouth when I kiss his face.
  • His cute little teeth.
  • How he loves his brother and sister. He loves when they play with him 
  • How cute he is sitting all on his own and playing with his toys- well mostly chewing all his toys. 

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