Play Date Lunch

My sister moved back to town recently and we are thrilled! I finally have some family near me. 
That means we can have all those play dates we have always wanted to have. I love that we have kids who are very close in age, my kids love their cousins.

I decided to throw a little play date for my sister and a dear friend, It was my first time cooking and serving a "meal" on my own with a new baby. Usually hubby is here to help with the baby while I cook and prep for company. This time I was on my own and somehow managed :) 

Take a peek into our day....

The kids had a blast, even though it is a lot of work we can't wait to do this again soon. 


  1. It looks like you are quite the cook! What a fun looking time! Glad you could make such great memories!

  2. What do you use for the crust on those flatbreads? Also, what type of dumplings are those? :)