Living Room Updates

It all started with these curtains, I was browsing at World Market and saw them, I thought they were beautiful and vibrant, floral, yet not "dated floral" like my grandmother used to have.
However, I didn't think they were going to work with my living room because I already had so much patterns going on.

I went home but I couldn't get the curtains out of my head. I thought about them for a few days. 

I decided they may work if I changed the rug. I swapped the rug with the family room and went and got the curtains, careful to keep the receipt incase they didn't work.

Well I hung them up and loved them! When hubby got home he said that he loved them too! His exact words were "finally some color in here" LOL, I guess he isn't a big fan of white like me. 

I replaced some of the pillow covers and found a shelf with hooks at Home Goods which I thought would be a great addition to the living room to create an "entry way" since my front door opens directly into the living room (which I really hate by the way). 

I really like how it looks now, but I don't promise I won't change anything again :)

Thanks for visiting, 


  1. I love, love, love this room and the curtains! I have gotten a lot better at just bringing things home to try and 9 times out of 10 they end up looking WAY better than I anticipated. Wondering where your couch slip covers are from or are those the actual couches?

  2. I absolutely luv it! what is the model of sofa and loveseat?
    u did amazing!

  3. I am totally crushing on your curtains! They look gorgeous in your living room. You got it just right!

  4. I love everything about this room? Can I ask where you got the letters for your kitchen "EAT"