Is It Time For School Yet?

I love summer! Spending hot days outside, swimming, sunbathing, my small vegetable garden growing, my flowers blooming, playing outside all day long, cooking and eating outside almost everyday....  It is something I dream about on those cold rainy water days. However, I am feeling a fall itch coming on, I am looking forward to the more quiet and relaxed days of the school year, the morning routine of breakfast and schoolwork.  *** Oh, did I tell you that we decided to continue on homeschooling? I went through a bit of rough patch when baby  Will was a newborn, I felt that I just couldn't get "it" all done. But I also didn't feel at peace with sending my kids to public school.
 I have come to realize with God all things are possible and "everything" is never going to get done, that is just the way life is. I have to accept that I have 3 kids and my house will not be spotless for more then 3 minutes, dinner will not always be done in time... and I have to learn that is OK. 
I have noticed that even though the days are "shorter" in the winter, I have more time. I guess I have more free time since we are not outside as often, not working in our yard/garden, not trying to vacuum/wash the sand of the floor for the 100th time that week, not washing the kids 2 times a day because they are so sticky... Plus Baby Will is getting older and likes to play in his stations more, so I am praying that with God's help we will manage. 

  I am really looking forward to new books and new curriculum. I am looking forward to teaching my kids and quite frankly learning alongside with them, because I certainly do not remember everything I learned in school. I was trying to learn a whole new language in elementary school, I couldn't even understand what my teacher was saying in 1st grade having just moved to the US.

I saw all the school supplies out at Target and got very excited. I have always loved to buy new supplies- I remember taking my school supplies out of my backpack a couple times a day leading up to the new school year. Something about crisp folders, clean binders and the smell of new crayons :)

I have finally decided on a curriculum. It took a while but I feel like I made the right choice. 

We are going with Sonlight Complete 1st Grade curriculum. (I just placed my order and can not wait to get it!!) I feel like this curriculum has everything I would need. In other words, it "may" just be complete and I "may" not have to add much to it. I found that with Heart of Dakota with Kindergarten I had to add spelling, geography, additional math, nutrition/health, additional writing, art... But this curriculum seems to have it all. Offcourse I will review it all once I get to use it. 

It is spendy, but my husband said that we should go for it. He said that it costs about $11,000 of our tax dollars to school a child in public school  per year. $893, is just a small percentage of it. Plus I am planning on using this curriculum for the rest of my kids once they reach 1st grade :) 

Speaking of the hubby, he saw me looking at a microscope online, Which I really couldn't justify buying, since my 1st grader probably doesn't "need" one yet. But I kinda wanted one for our family :), in public school, we didn't really get to use a microscope very much, maybe 2-3 times during the year?? I never really got to use it for just exploring and learning what ever I wanted, and creating my own slides. So anyways, Hubby saw that I was looking at one (reading reviews) and he asks me if I am buying it, and I saw "Nah, its to expensive, I am just looking" and he says "You should get it anyways" and "go ahead, buy it" I was so shocked and excited! It doesn't take new shoes or anything fancy to get me happy :) School supplies do the trick. :)

I also ordered some specimen slides:

I can not wait to get everything in the mail. It is going to be an amazing school year!
We are planning on starting school in mid august, that way we should be finished in May and still take a few breaks in between. But for now, we will go and enjoy the rest of our summer. 

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  1. Yay! I'm so excited! I'm very excited about our new school year too. Everything is ready to go, and nothing beats the excitement of looking into crisp papers in fresh binders, and knowing that some day, those papers will be worked on. I'm home schooling 3 this year, so we have a 5th grader/ 3rd/ and kindergarten. I'm for sure more excited than my kids; they love the days of summer of no school, but I feel doing school organizes us. I'm truly happy for you, and I hope this year will work out great for you!

  2. I love your enthusiasm and willingness to be your children's educator. You are amazing.

  3. So glad you bought the microscope. :) I got my son one for his 5th birthday and we have fun exploring the mirco world. :) He also got a telescope. It is nothing fancy, but he is understanding what it does and we look on-line to see what more powerful telescopes and microscopes can do. He is amazed!

    My guys starts kindergarten this year. Even though I have home schooled him so far, I really like the school he will attend. It is very, very, small. Only one kindergarten class ( I like the teacher) and the school is very much family orientated and love to have class instruction outside (when possible). Obviously, I plan on being very involved and making sure he is challenged, learning, and above all, not bored.

    I love the curriculum you have picked out! By the way, I take it English is not your native language? Are your children bilingual? I truly wish I knew a second language to teach my son. Kids pick it up so easily.

  4. I saw the Sonlight materials at a curriculum fair and it looked really good! In the future, if you decide you don't want to buy the whole set of curriculum, you can always looked for used materials on ebay. That's how I get most of mine. I also use the library a lot! In fact, I even borrowed a microscope and slides from a library. However, they weren't very high quality. So, that's great that you could get your own and especially since you'll have many years to use it with your kids! Have fun with all of those new supplies!

  5. Rita, please please please show a pic of your house when it does not look perfect! My house almost never looks as good as your pics but nonetheless with an almost 7 year old, almost 3 year old, and a 4 month old, school must go on... or start I should say. Our school room is a huge mess right now as I try to slowly organize everything for the new school year. May our God bless you in this new adventure!