Dreaming of the Simple Life

We had amazing neighbors who moved away last fall. They built their dream home on 5 acres. 
When ever we visit them (which happens to be only like a 5 minute drive from out house) I never want to leave. It is so peaceful in the country. I love taking in the views and fresh air. 

It got me and my hubby talking about how we would love to live in the country too. 

I never thought that I would love to have chickens and cows, but I actually do.

I want the simple life. 

I know there is nothing simple about it, in fact it is a lot of work, but it is very rewarding work.

We have started to look for a property- perhaps not 5 acres, but a bit smaller. One day suburbs mama is going to move to the country :)

As long as Amazon delivers me my online orders I am fine, lol :)

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