Weekend Getaway to the Oregon Coast

We decided to go on a last minute weekend beach getaway to the Oregon Coast. We stayed in our trusty condo, which happens to be a time share. We don't own the time share, we just know someone who knows someone.... ;)

Now Oregon beaches are not your dreamy sandy beaches with warm water and palm trees swaying... Instead they are usually cold, especially in Spring. This weekend it was in the 60's... brrr.... Never the less, we still enjoyed every minute of it. 

We went with our friends, who also have 3 kids. So there were 6 kids under 7! It was crazy, but so fun! The kids are still talking about it. 
We all stayed in a 3 bedroom condo and pitched in with the food. And let me tell you, there was so much food and I ate way to much.

We are already planning on going again in the summer, hopefully on a hot day, or at least warm enough to swim in the condo pool. 

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  1. Such nice photos! I espcially like the one with your daughter and husband smiling, as Daddy carries her on his back! What special memories!