Hot Weather Favorites

It has been so warm lately, and I have been loving it. Sunnshine= Happiness, right?
I have been using my warm weather favorites, and wanted to share them with you.  

I have fine/thin hair and during the summer it gets really oily, especially if I am not washing it daily. I like to freshen it up with my favorite dry shampoo: NYM Clean Freak. I have about 6 other brands, and this is my favorite, I have lost count of how many cans I have gone through.

I love this sea salt spray for my hair. I just spray it into my ends and let my hair dry naturally. I love the look of wavy hair during the summer. Just don't forget to also use a leave in conditioner on your ends or you will dry out your ends. Its all natural, which is awesome. 

I burn really fast in the sun, so sun block is a must for me. However, if I am outside, I can get lazy about reapplying it. So I love this spray sunblock, I can reapply regularly and not get my hands all in unblock, So I have no excuse for laziness. This one is my favorite, It is waterproof, sweat proof, paraben free, oil free, uva/uvb protection. 

I use a different sunscreen for my face: Kiehls Super Fluid, I have tried a lot of different face sunblocks, and love this one the best. It is very watery and dries really fast so I can apply makeup on top. This is my 2nd bottle. Love it!

So what does a pale girl who doesn't tan do in the summer? Use sunless tanner off course. This is my favorite sunless tanner, it is a mouse which you apply with a mitt, it is tinted, so you can see where you have applied it, which helps with avoiding streaks. After 6 hours, wash it off and you have beautifully bronzed skin. 

I am a chap-stick freak, I have to always have some on my lips, These are so amazing! They literally melt on top of your lips, they taste amazing and they have SPF! I am currently using the mango and pomegranate.


  1. THanks for the dry shampoo rec. I've been trying to find one I liked.