5 Month Update

This little guy has mastered so many skills in the last month. Like rolling over as soon as he gets on a flat surface and discovering his voice. He will "talk" and scream with delight, pull his socks off and  even put his feet in his mouth. 

Weight/Length:  He is a healthy big boy.  I will get an exact weight and measurement on his next apt which is at 6 months. 
Sleep: He goes down anywhere from 9pm-10:30pm and sleeps till 6:30-7:30 in the morning. We co sleep, so as soon as I hear him moving around, and starting to wake up, I nurse him and he continues to sleep- which is usually at 12am, 3 am and 6am. He doesn't poop at night, so I don't change his diaper till he wakes up in the morning. He also sleeps really well in a stroller when we go on walks/shopping or the outside swing.
If he is fussy during the day, I swaddle him and give him a binky and rock him, he instantly falls asleep. I notice that motion is his secret. Anything moving puts him to sleep. 
Eating: We are still breast feeding, but we also have started to introduce solids. Everything he tried he liked so far. We have tried whole wheat baby cereal, avocado, banana, apples, squash. He especially enjoys his boon feeder ( I load it up with any kind of fruit we have and he will sit in his high chair feed him self, if he drops it, he gets really upset. 

William is learning how to use his straw sippy cup. All of my kids preferred a straw cup in the beginning because they did not have to lift it up to drink, and this one is great.

Diapers:  I have him on the biggest setting on the bum genius cloth diapers. Size 3-4 in disposable. I love it that Target is now selling Honest Diapers.

Clothing: He is already wearing 12 months. I had some 18 month carters play clothes sets that were gifted to us, which I washed and they shrunk, so they fit him now, I can't believe they fit him. I mean he is only 5 months old!

Mood: He is such a happy baby. He obviously gets upset but that is usually when he is tired or hungry, after he naps or eats, he is happy again and ready to play.

  • Baby toys
  • Bathtime- He has discovered how to splash with his hands.
  • Outdoor swing.  He loves to watch his sister and brother play and usually takes a nap in the swing. It is a life saver with I am doing yard work outside. His jumper
  • He loves to jump in his jumper. His eye and hand coordination is getting really good and he rarely misses to what he is aiming to pick up or touch. 
  • He loves the mirror. As soon as he sees his or my reflection he gets so excited. 

Doesn’t Love:
  • I can't really say what he doesn't like, he is a pretty  calm baby as long as he is fed and changed. 
What I Want to Remember:
  • How he gets excited in the jumper and jumps really high. 
  • How he opens his little mouth when I kiss his face.
  • How he snuggles on my shoulder.
  • His tiny two little teeth
Mama Update:
  • It is amazing to have energy again! I get so much things done, sometimes I have to tell myself to slow down
  • My hair started falling out. Gosh, I really hate postpartum hair loss, I feel like I am going to go bald.
  • I am 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I fit in almost all of my pre pregnancy clothes, but I still  have to get my tummy toned. I just wish there was more hours in a day. Maybe now that we are on our summer break, hopefully I will have a bit more time to squeeze some exercise in. 
  • The only swimsuits I will be wearing this summer are tankinis and one piece suits-- if even. I am very self conscious about my body. Some times I have to remind myself that I have had 3 kids... My body won't be like I am 18 anymore. 

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  1. S I M P L Y Adorable!! Your post really made me smile remembering all of those special, precious milestones! And OH, introducing solid food -- what an adventure. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. What a little bright eyes! So SWEET. Thanks for sharing.