1st Zoo Trip of the Year

We finally made it out to the Zoo this year. We decided to get yearly membership, since just one time visit for our family would cost about 1/2 of the yearly admission.

I love going to the zoo, I know, I know--- why?  I am a big kid. It's just something we did all the time as a kid and I enjoyed it and I still do. My kids love it too.

We surprised the kids this morning and they were ecstatic, they ate their breakfast really quick. No nagging them about finishing their food. :)

We made it there just 45 minutes after they opened and beat the Sunday crowd. We had a wonderful time. Baby William slept almost the entire time! He really loves his stroller.

We even got to see the lion keepers feed the lions today. Pretty awesome. The lion and lioness had 3 cubs 9 months ago. They are already almost 100 lbs each!

We are planning on going back soon with some friends, perhaps with a picnic lunch packed next time.

Love that we got yearly membership, and I am planning on fully taking advantage of that. 

Here's to more zoo trips :)

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  1. It looks like you guys had a wonderful day! I would like to take my little ones to the zoo soon! You have a beautiful family!