Exploring With The Family...

We happen to live in the beautiful NW. This weekend we visited Multnomah Falls and it was breath taking. I haven't been here in years, and I don't know why. The kids were amazed at the beautiful falls. Little Nico (3 years old) was running up the path and kept giving me little heart attacks, There is no controlling that little guy. He seriously needs one of those leashes for his own safety, Ha Ha! (You know I actually bought one of those backpacks with a leash for him about a year ago-- yeah he hated it and we have never used it since.)

Anyways, it was nice to get out and breath the fresh air and be amazed of God's wonderful creation all around us. It is so peaceful and beautiful. 

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  1. I remember visiting those falls when I was a little kid. And it seems to me, that I remember my mom constantly telling us to stay away from the railings. Needless-to-say, my mom had more of a fear of heights than we kids did. Glad you had such a nice time in a beautfiul area!