Burning Calories... Polar FT4 Review

Have you ever wondered how much calories you burn doing your every day actives? And I am not talking about just working out, since most machines have heart rate monitors on them.

 Weight loss has been on my mind lately. Like every morning when I try to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes. I have been loosing weight slowly, but "impatient Rita" wants to loose all the baby weight at the snap of her fingers. 

 I am certainly not dieting ( nursing) ,  But I know from my previous "calorie counting" days before this baby, that I ate about 1700-2000 calories a day.  I eat what I want, when I want. I definitely don't eat fast food every day, and we eat very healthy at home. Although I do indulge in chocolate- its my weakness. 

I read that in order to "loose weight" one must burn more calories then they eat. I thought this was crazy! Because after working my but off on the elliptical for 45 minutes, I would only burn around 400 calories- or so the elliptical machine told me. So I have always wondered how much calories I burn during the day.

Have you seen those watches that monitor your heart rate and can tell you how much calories you burn? Well I got one for Mothers Day: The Polar FT 4. I thought it would the perfect gift for me since I want to eventually loose all this baby weight. 

The Polar Watch comes with 2 parts, the chest strap (heart rate sensor) and the training computer (watch). The sensor is the little black box that gets attached to the strap with electrodes that is worn around your chest. 

The chest strap is not uncomfortable at all, in fact I completely forgot I was wearing. If you are used to your bra strap, then this is exactly how it feels.

When you are finished working out, you just unclip the sensor and rinse the strap. (It is machine washable)

Next we have the training computer, which is the watch. I got to set the gender, height, weight, using the buttons on the sides. One you set all the necessary information, you are ready to work out! Just press the train button and you will see your heart rate. While you wear the watch and strap, it transmits information like heart rate, calories burned and how long you have worked out. 
You can also pause the watch if you take a break and don't want the time to keep going. 

In my case, I wanted to see how much calories I burned on a typical day doing regular things. 
I got my watch on Tuesday, and decided to wear it on Wednesday. I will tell you that I was blown away with the results!

In almost 8 hours I burned 2059 calories! And this wasn't even my full day! I took off the watch and strap when I went to take a shower before dinner. 

Here is what I did that day:

Wake up at 7:30am
Get dressed, put heart rate monitor on. 
Brush teeth, make beds. 
Get kids dressed.
Make breakfast/wash dishes
Do Homeschool
Clean house (I clean my house every wednesday)
Laundry (I do 2 loads every day: darks and whites)
Make lunch
Prep dinner
I mowed the lawn since it was nice out, trimmed a few dead flowers. 
and that its! Then I took a shower at 3 or 4 pm!

I am sure I burned a ton more calories after that, I finished getting dinner ready, we ate dinner, I cleaned the kitchen and we all went to Target and out for jamba. 

Oh, and lets not forget nursing, since that burns calories too. :)

I have to say I am pretty impressed, No wonder the weight has been slowly coming off without much effort. I still want to work out to get stronger and build muscle, but "working out" is not going to be on my mind all the time now. I guess this showed me that I can do something productive like clean the house and burn calories at the same time. I am planning on wearing the watch on a full day next time, I will let you know how that goes. 

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