Homeschooling With a New Baby

Now that baby #3 is here,  I found it a bit harder to homeschool my daughter while juggling the demands of a new baby. However, I have now found a few things that keep our mornings running a lot smoother. 

First off, let me say that we took 2 weeks off Homeschooling when Baby arrived. Shortly after we started school again, and everyone got sick. So we took another week off to get better and rest. 
If you are in the same situation, let me tell you  something. RELAX. Don't try rushing back into it, if you are not ready. I tried and we just all got sick and needed more time off. Your body needs to heal and your family needs to adjust to another family member. 

Once you feel that you are ready, here are a few tips that I found helpful to me. 

1. Have a few baby stations ready. This way, the baby won’t get bored with being in one place for too long. Some examples of “stations” that I have are a crib with mobile, rocker, bouncer, jumper and high chair.
2. Wear your baby. This is the BEST way for me to get anything done. Including school, chores and even cooking and shopping! If we are doing art or anything else hands on, I like to put him in a sling, so I can have my hand free to help the kids. Plus he almost always falls asleep in the sling. 
3. Use nursing or feeding your baby to homeschool! I use nursing time to read our story book or have my daughter do her reading time. We like to cuddle up on the sofa for this. 
4. Do the core subjects first. I try to get history, spelling, handwriting, math, reading done first, and then if everything goes smoothly we do song time, art, science and so forth. 
5. Plan ahead. When I got pregnant, I knew I would need some time off when the baby came. So we started school early (August) and we did not have any Thanksgiving or winter breaks. This way even with the time off we took with the baby, We are still going to be done with school in June!

I hope this was helpful. 


  1. I wondered how you were balancing things with your new life. It sounds like you are learning a new routine that is working well. I only have one to homeschool and just one year left of high school. I admire those of you with multiple children who are homeschooling with several years ahead of you. Good thing that you are young! Hats off to you and happy homeschooling along with being a great mama!