6 week Update baby/postpartum

Hi all! 

I hope everyone is well,  first I want to apologize for not posting in a very long time. But life with 3 kids was been busy, busy busy!! 
I really underestimated how much harder it would be with three kids. Little babies really need you all day long, feeding, diaper changing, cuddling, rocking and so forth---and then add in a 3 and 6 year old, homeschooling, cleaning, laundry and preparing 3 meals a day... whew... I really have my hands full. 

But I know that they grow up so fast, so I am trying to take the time and enjoy it all.

These past 6 weeks have been hard. I am not going to lie. 
Mostly because two of the older kids and my hubby had a cold for 2 weeks (fever and cough).
I had to take care of them, as well as a newborn and still take care of everything at home. It was so hard, but with Gods help, I was able to push through. 
Now that everyone is good and well, we are on somewhat of a schedule.

William is now 6 weeks old. He is more alert and awake more during the day. He even smiles and coos sometimes.

We started using cloth diapers at 4 weeks, but William poops/pees so often, that I kept running out of cloth diapers and wipes in less then 24 hours,  I couldn't keep up with the laundry, so I went back to organic disposables for now. Hopefully in a few weeks we can start using cloth diapers, once he stops pooping--what seems like every 20 minutes! ;)

 William had a hard time nursing in the beginning, he just would not latch on. I have never had this problem before (with my 2 older kids) so this was very unusual for me.  
After 2 visits to a lactation consultant and trying syringes and nipple shields- I gave up and just pumped and bottle fed him for 4 weeks- my insurance covered a medela double pump!
I applaud those mamas who exclusively pump. It takes a lot of work. You pump, wash parts and bottles and then feed the baby, only 1-2 hours to do it over again. 

Even though I was bottle feeding, I still kept trying to nurse him, he wouldn't latch on until he turned 4 weeks old! Maybe it was because he was older,  I don't know, but I was so happy!

Now he exclusively nurses, and I only pump when I am going out and hubby needs to give him a bottle.

 He spits up a lot after he eats! As my first two kids did to-- and it is something that went away after a few months.
I don't know why. My doctor said that it may be because I am overfeeding him, But I am not sure how much he is eating since I am nursing. Anyone else go through this? 

On good days, William goes to sleep around 10:30pm and then nurses around 12am, 3 am and then again at 6am. But we have had some nights when he seems to wake up every 2 hours to nurse and poop.But this little guys does not have hims nights and days mixed up, which I am so thankful!

I have been lucky enough, that he sleeps from 9-11am, which is when we do homeschool, I thank God for that.

We have had a few of those days (especially evenings) when he is so cranky that I don't know what to do. Its when I want to tear my hair out and cry! LOL, ok, not that dramatic, but I really feel helpless.

He cries even after he is fed/changed, rocked, swaddled.  On those evenings, I give him a warm bath and a massage (using coconut oil), which usually helps. If that still doesn't work, I give him gripe water or gas drops. This is the reason I am afraid to go out with the family for dinner, or anywhere else in the evenings. We had company over one evening, and William cried for like an hour non stop.

Now on to me. I am now 6 weeks postpartum.

I gained 40 lbs with this pregnancy and have lost 25 so far. I feel great and have started to exercise after my 6 week checkup.

For 4 weeks, I wore my belly bandit. It was great, I loved how it sucked in the big flabby belly. 

I am not going to go into much detail, but lets say that post partum recovery has not been a walk in the park. There is stitches, hemorrhoids, terrible bladder control, bleeding. Yeah, I won't go into much detail. But I will say one thing, if you get stitches down there, then you must get Mama Bottom Balm! It was a life saver!

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  1. Good luck! I can't imagine managing three… it sounds like you are a superwoman! Hopefully everyone remains healthy - sickness is SO draining!

  2. It's so nice to hear from you! It sounds like you're finding your groove with all your kiddos AND successfully running your household - my hat is definitely off to you!!

    Oh boy. Our son cried and cried and cried no matter WHAT I did (or didn't do) when he was a newborn. I know I lost it a few times and just wrapped him up, made a pillow barrier on our bed and put him in the middle and left the room (not too far, it was close to the living room) and let him cry for a bit. He eventually outgrew it, I suppose, and life was much more tolerable, but we didn't go anywhere as a little family for what felt like forever.

    William is adorable and I'm excited to read more from you as you're able.


  3. His grace is sufficient lean on Jesus strong arms.. XOXO

  4. Oh Rita - I well remember my post partum days, a colicky baby, stitches, post partum blues . . . and I only had two babies! You are a rockstar girl. I do hope you have some friends and family that you can call on to help and that you are allowing yourself the rest you need. Hang in there and don't worry about us. When you are ready to come back to blogging we'll be delighted but until then we want you well. Huge blessings to you my dear,

  5. I was told that you can't overfeed a breastfed baby. My daughter spit up a lot because she was getting too much air while she was eating. When the air would come up, so would some of the milk. I started burping her more often and she stopped spitting up so much. As for the crying, I read a book called "The Happiest Baby on the Block" and it helped me a lot! The author gives you ways to calm a crying baby that I had never heard of before. He also talks about the idea of the fourth trimester. Basically he explains that babies aren't ready to be born at 9 months are still developing for the first 3 months of their lives. For this reason, they sometimes cry even though they're not hungry, don't have a dirty diaper, etc. This made me feel a lot better. Good luck!

  6. Hi Rita. I have not had any children yet, but I was excited to see your new post. I love your blog. I truly admire everything you juggle as a mom meanwhile keeping yourself and your house looking beautiful. I have always thought of wanting to homeschool my kids when i have them, but did not think it was possible. When i started reading your blog it all started to seem like it was a possibility. Anyways your baby is adorable and i cant wait to hear more from you. Im sure times ahead will be easier when William does not have to eat so often. Happy Wednesday:)

  7. Hey Rita! My third baby totally kicked my tail too. Newborns are difficult anyway but having two other children to take of is so hard. Happy things are leveling out for you! It will only get easier!

  8. Our third child was born last summer, and I can so relate to this post. Three is so much more than two. Your little man is just adorable, and I hope you start feeling even better soon. My second and third child both spit up a lot too, but grew out of it eventually. It took my youngest until about five months until it really slowed down. But he was gaining plenty of weight, so our doctor wasn't worried about it. The first couple months are really the hardest. You are doing a great job!

  9. These pictures are so adorable!


  10. I missed your blogs! But I figured that you must be very busy. I can't imagine, because I only have one child, by adoption. But, God gives us each the blessings and challenges that He thinks we can handle in His omnisicent wisdom. So, may He pour His strength into you for the tasks He has called you to!