Pregnancy Recap

Well my friends, I can not believe that this pregnancy journey is over!
It seems to have flown by and yet crawled by at the same time. 
I am just so happy that our little boy is here. 

I am so glad to have documented this pregnancy. Because I always seem to forget things...
I never remember if this "symptom" is normal and when I felt certain symptoms. 
Now I can look back and see. 

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. 


  1. I did the same each week for each of my pregnancies- only I love your idea of the same dress and hair style. :)

  2. oh my goodness he is beautiful!! congratulations. hope you are both doing well:)

  3. Rita thanks for sharing with us all throughout your pregnancy. I found many helpful tips and bits for myself. I'm so glad you're well and moving on to the next chapter of your life, baby #3! God bless your new baby

  4. Rita congratulations again, and thank you for sharing your special journey. I found many helpful bits and tips for myself. I'm so glad all is well, God bless your new baby :)

  5. Congratulations Rita! He is absolutely beautiful! I looked forward to all your pregnancy updates, now I'm looking forward to hearing about this little guy! Precious!

  6. Congratulations Rita!! What a beautiful baby. Enjoy every minute.