Work Box Wednesday KINDERGARTEN #1

Welcome to Workbox Wednesday! I have decided to start (*trying) to do this every Wednesday. 
I will show you a day of my daughter's lessons for that week. 
My daughter is 5 (turning 6 this week) She is in Kindergarten. We use the curriculum from Heart of Dakota (Little hearts for his glory) But I also add a lot of extras. 

Lets get Started:

First we do our prayers,
Then we do calendar/weather. 

Next we do bible time. 
We read that days bible story, sing that weeks song, recite that weeks rhyme and then work on memorizing that weeks bible verse. (All of this is in that days lesson plan for Heart of Dakota)

Next we do spelling. Emily has 7-9 spelling worlds each week. 
We use this book now, It is a 1st grade book, we already finished the kindergarten one. 
This is NOT in the heart of Dakota Lesson plan, but something I add to my daughters lessons. 

Next we do Science. This is IN the Heart of Dakota Lesson plan 1-2 times a week. 
Today we are discussing weather and starting a weather chart:

Next is Handwriting.
This is Part of the Heart of Dakota Lesson plan. She does 1 page of handwriting:

Next we do THIS Geography book. 
This is something I add, it is not in the Heart of Dakota Lesson plan. 
We are doing this 2-3 times a week. 
Now we are learning how to read maps:

Next is story time. 
This is Part of the Heart of Dakota lesson plan. 
Currently we are reading The adventures os Danny Meadow Mouse. And we read a chapter every day. After reading, we discuss on what happened in that chapter. 

Next is Math.
This is Part of Heart of Dakota. 
I also add some extra math for her to do every day in her Math Journal. 

Next is Reading. 

My daughter is a good half way through the book and is already reading! So exciting. 
I completely recommend this book!

Last thing in the box is her craft. I put this in the last box because it is water colors and my daughter takes a long time to finish this. So she can work on this as long as she wants. Plus, by this time, her little brother is napping and she enjoys painting by herself.

Another extra is this homework folder for my daughter. 
I make a new packet for her each week, which she works on her own time. 
Then she brings me the packet the following Monday, we go through it together. Then she gets $1.

I was thinking of a way to give my daughter an allowance so she can learn about money management, but I did not want to give her money for chores, which she is expected to do anyways. 

This way she can do extra homework/reading that week, learn how to time manage (find the time to do her packet on her own time) and she learns how to manage her money. 
It is so cute with her clutching her $6, at Target, trying to figure out what she can buy. She usually decides to keep saving for a "big" toy" :).

She reads to me or her dad on Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Just an example on what is in this weeks homework packet:

Well, that wraps up this week. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thanks so much for visiting


  1. Wow! She's really doing well, if she's already learning about telling time. I didn't learn that until 2nd grade. Homeschooling is great! We love it! So worth it!

  2. Do you think the learning to read is an entry to it or would work for a second grader struggling to read?