New lamp -family room and living room updates

Say hello to my gorgeous new lamp contacted me to see if I wanted to review a lamp! Off course I jumped at the opportunity, I LOVE table lamps. I have one in almost every single room. 
The first thing I do in the mornings, is open the blinds and if it is a gloomy day, I turn on table lamps around the house. I love the soft light in all the rooms. 

It took me some time to decide which lamp to choose, there are so many options to choose from! I finally chose the Dimond Waverly Lamp, and I am glad I did. 
I have to say, this lamp is beautiful! Even my husband (who doesn't pay much attention to home decor) thought it was gorgeous! It is so sturdy well made and by far the best looking lamp in the house. 

I decided to put the lamp in the my family room:

Such a gorgeous base, it reminds me of a trophy:

As soon as I got the lamp, I did some rearranging. I moved the old lamp into the living room, because it gets so dark in here during the evenings. 
Here is how my living room looks like now, who knows how long it will stay like this ;)

I bought this little bench from a friend, it is perfect for guests to sit and put on their shoes (especially now in the boot season) I am still looking for a pretty white coat rack, that doesn't cost a arm and a leg to place right next to it, so my visitors have somewhere to throw their coats on (besides the couch): has so many options to choose from! They really have something for every taste and budget. Check out

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  1. A very pretty lamp and lovely living space.

  2. Love your "trophy" lamp, looks great in your familyroom!

  3. Such a pretty lamp!! I love lamps too :)

  4. The lamp is awesome and your living room looks so great! I love love love that credenza under your picture wall!

  5. I LOVE the bench in the entrance!! And the way you decorated the space is just so creative!