This Weeks Happenings...

Here is something what this week looked like:

Sunday Brunch With friends...

My Kinda breakfast..

Cleaned the yard and put the patio furniture away, 
which left a lot of room for the kids to bike around.


Putting baby boy's things together

Making cinnamon rolls..


Afternoon snack outside on a beautiful day, in fact it has been beautiful all week. 

Glucose test. 
I got the results and I passed!

To treat myself, I went to the mall with the kidos, we had panda. 

Ran out of my 2 makeup staples, had to go pick them up again. 

Bible lesson 

Little Em's self portrait. 

Rearranged my bathroom a bit...

Making my favorite Russian soup: Borsh

Friends over for tea.

Thats what our week looked like. 

Thanks for visiting,