Laundry Room Makeover

 The before:

This has been on our to do list for a while now, but we kept putting it aside. Mostly because other projects seemed more important.
 But one night when I was laying in bed with this pregnancy insomnia, and I was making a mental list in my head of everything I had to do before the baby comes. One of the things on that list was to spruce up the laundry room, I couldn't stand the sight of it.

I talked to my hubby about it the next day, but he did not want to tackle it right now, he said that floors would take a few days to do. (They are laminate and under the laminate, there is MDF that it glued and stapled on, which needs to be basically scraped off - we had to do this in all of the bathrooms, kitchen and dining. And it is ALOT of work)
 So I decided that I will do what I can and hubby can take care of the floors when ever he can.

I bought a can of paint  and a new light fixture. After I painted, I bought a few baskets and a new laundry hamper, and a few other things. I Love it so much now. It is so bright and clean now. I don't even mind the floors that much now.

Here is the before and after:

The drying rack is awesome to dry cloth diapers!
I bought it at Ballard Designs:

The print is from Etsy:

A new ironing board cover from Amazon:

The hamper is amazing! I found it on Amazon.
Now the clothes are sorted: lights, darks and delicates.
The trash can with the lid is for cloth diapers.


  1. I love the stripes and the drying rack! Your laundry room is so pretty!

  2. What a beautiful and tranquil space - would make doing laundry halfway tolerable. Great job!

  3. It looks great! Love the stripes and the hamper! I need a hamper like that for sure. Have a great weekend!

  4. Great look. It inspires me to do something with my boring laundry room. It looks so fresh and clean. Great job. Karie

  5. Your laundry room looks great! I wish i had something like this! So fresh and airy! Greatings from Germany! Ela