25 weeks pregnant

How far along:
25 weeks and 3 days 

Baby Growth:

Baby boy is now the size of a rutabaga. Gosh, I haven't seen any of those in years! 
He is weighing about 1 1/2 pounds now! and is about 13 inches long! His body is straightening as the components of his spine are beginning to develop. He has a better chance of surviving outside now: the blood vessels in his lungs have developed enough to help him take in air and he is one step closer to breathing naturally now that his nostrils have opened  But stay in there little guy, it is way to early!

Geesh! Look how big he is at this point!

Tired all the time, some times to the point where I feel like I am going to collapse. It is hard to be pregnant and take care of two kids! 

Crazy dreams! I have a lot of weird dreams, I wake up and use the bathroom and then go back to sleep and get a completely different crazy dream It does not happen every night, but once in a while I get one of those crazy dream nights!

I am avoiding naps, because I discovered when I take a nap in the afternoon, I won't be able to fall asleep till around 3am! So I go to bed at 9 or 10pm instead and fall asleep right away!

I feel like food is going to come right up after a meal. I don't feel nauseous or anything, nor those it feel like heartburn. I chew 2-3 of these papaya extract after meal chewables, and the feeling of food coming right up goes away. 

Waking up to pee about 2-3 times during the night. 

Warning: TMI- discharge. I HAVE to wear a liner all the time!

Weight gain: 

15 pounds!

Maternity clothes? 
 I am wearing maternity jeans, but also just a lot of knit skirts, and shirts. 

Have you started to show yet: 
Yes, definitely! This tummy is getting big! 

Apples! I am loving Golden delicious apples now! I slice them up nice and thin and sometimes I dip them into the caramel dip. 
I am also loving carrots with ranch now!

Food Aversions:
Burgers! Or any grilled meat! Cant stand the sight and smell of it!


Baby Buys:
I bought this beautiful blanket on ETSY: Shop- Kendra Jean Designs
It is large and perfect for the crib! It is also very well made!

I bought some nursing pads and baby clippers

Cute baby outfit from JCpenney 6-12 months

Paci clip from Nordstrom and socks from H and M


  1. love your pregnancy updates!!! You look great, so neat and stylish. more than half way done! so awesome! love the baby buys- but dont buy too much stuff! what one earth can people get as gifts?! lol.