23 weeks pregnant

How far along:
23 weeks and 4 days 

Baby Growth:
Baby boy is now about 11.4 inches long
and weights just over 1 pound! 

I have been sleeping much better lately, I only wake up once or twice to pee during the night. Seems that I am so exhausted lately. I wish I could take a nap every day, but I usually am only able to squeeze one in during the weekends. 

I also have been feeling dizzy. It comes and goes through out the day, I just need to shut my eyes and I feel a bit better. 

Cramping on my c section scar. Does that mean that the scar is stretching? Anyone else experience this?

No pelvic pain this week, so I decided I will not get the maternity belt, at least for now. 

Maternity clothes? 
 I am wearing most maternity bottoms but also just a lot of knit skirts, and shirts. 

Have you started to show yet: 
Yes, definitely! This tummy is getting big! 

Weight gain:
11 lbs total


Baby nesting? 
I went through the baby clothes I had and sorted and washed everything! Now it is all ready to go in the drawers:

Baby Buys:

Boppy pillow cover, medela lanolin cream, receiving blankets, nuk pacifier, baby mittens, baby socks, baby pants (all from TARGET)

Blue berry one size cloth diaper (from Amazon)

Bum genius cloth diaper detergent. (from Cotton Babies)

Baby bedding: chevron crib skirt and blanket from Pottery Barn Kids and Mustard yellow polka dot crib sheet and changing pad cover from Land of Nod

Sophie the Giraffe and Natursuten pacifier (cotton babies)

Thanks for visiting!


  1. You look amazing!
    I really like the way you combined the grey and yellow baby bedding! Beautiful colors and patterns:)

  2. how do you look that fabulous with a 3rd pregnancy that far along? you really look great. i'm new here to your blog and linked up with a d.i.y. table runner on your other post and have been having fun reading through your blog. you have some really fun project and d.i.y. posts.
    come by and visit me when ya have some time.
    Have a great week!