Birth Story- Pregnancy #2 (Emergency C-Section)

The birth of Nico
2nd pregnancy 
Due date 12/12/2010. Delivery date: 12/08/2010

 I have been reading birth stories for the past three days! It made me regret that I never wrote down my babies birth stories, I figured I should do it now, better late then never. Off course, I don't remember every little detail any more, but there are parts  I will never forget, I am sure that is how all moms are.

With my second pregnancy, I knew I wanted things to be different with my labor and delivery. I did some research this time around, I knew that this time around, I was going to stay home and labor at home as long as possible. Just because my water broke, did not mean I have to rush to the hospital, especially if I did not have any contractions, like I did with my 1st delivery.

With this pregnancy, I had morning sickness also until up to 13 weeks, however, I did not throw up even once! I was sipping ginger tea with lemon all day long, I believe this is what helped me. 
I was tested and re-tested for gestational diabetes. I ate better this time around and was declared borderline. I didn't have to be on a diet. I still watched my diet and didn't indulge in food.  

I think I need to start on Sunday December 5th. I was having contractions all day long. They were about 5 minutes apart, and lasted for about a minute. But the thing is, they were not very painful. I didn't know what to do. I had to be at work the next day, so I thought I should at least get checked out. 

My younger sister Julie, flew in to stay with me for a few weeks (by this time my entire family had moved out of state) I was so glad she was here to help out.
My hubby and I headed out to the hospital. I was admitted into triage, and the nurse checked me, she said I was 3 cm dilated, she suggested that me and hubby walk around and she will check me in one hour, if I progressed, they will admit me. If not, then I will need to go home. 

We walked the halls for one hour, the contractions were getting stronger, where I had to stop through them, but still not very painful. After one hour, the nurse checked me again, and said I was still at a 3. She suggested that we go home and if the contractions get stronger, then we can come back. 

I was fine with this, I didn't want to be put on pitocin and I just wanted my body to do its thing this time around, if it wasn't time, then I would except that. We ended coming home around 3am. I called and left a msg at work saying that I just got home and wont make it in at 6am. I went to bed and my contractions stopped. 

Monday, I just took it easy and it seemed that the contractions have completely stopped. 

Tuesday, I went back to work. I felt fine, I had a few contractions, but nothing regular. 
On Tuesday night, I started getting very irregular contractions again, they were not painful at all, but I could feel them. I went to bed around 10pm. Then I woke with a start at 11pm (same time as I woke with my daughter!) The contraction was so painful and I was shaking.
 I kept shaking, I did not know what was going on. It wasn't supposed to be like this, at  least not from the research I did. I was supposed to "progress" and get stronger and stronger contractions. Not just wake up with them. 

I crawled out of bed and another contraction hit! I remember dropping to the floor on my hands and knees from the pain. Just then I felt my water break! My hubby woke up and saw that I was in so much pain and could not stop shaking. I made it to the bathroom and change my undies and pj bottoms. I then put on a thick cozy robe because I felt so cold. I managed to make a messy bun, but that is it. My contractions seemed like they were coming every minute and I could not stop shaking. So we woke my sister up and told her that we were going to the hospital. 

As my hubby was driving, I had a blanket on me as well as the warm robe, yet I could not stopped shaking. Every bump in the road made me yell at my hubby, as soon as we got to the hospital, I was admitted into triage, the nurse checked and said I was at 5cm. She put a monitor on the baby and then left to get me some warm blankets, since I was so cold. I requested an epidural, because at this point I remember crying, "I can't do this" and "what is wrong, why am I shaking, why am I so cold?" and I kept saying " I am going to die" I honestly felt like there was no way my body could handle the pain and I would die. 

I was quickly wheeled into the labor and delivery room, the anesthesiologist came and administered the epidural at 2am. The pain stop, but the shaking did not. A on call doctor came in, she said that the baby is in distress, it seems that I have some sort of infection (my high fever and shaking) She said we need to do a emergency C-section right away, we could not wait for me to  dilated another 5 cm. 

I was in shock, this not how I panned this birth! I didn't do any research  on c-sections, I did not even think I would need one. I didn't want to argue with the doctor, because my babies life was in danger. I got prepped for surgery and got wheeled into the OR. 

The c section was a blur, I remember shaking, and the anesthesiologist gave me something for the shakes and I finally stopped shaking. My hubby was sitting besides me.

Then the doctor pulled Nico out at 4:04am on 12/8/10, 9 lbs 11 oz, 21 inches long.
They all exclaimed on how big he was! They were in shock, he was so chunky and and had little rolls on his arms. He didn't cry right away, the NICU nurses took him to clean and try to get him to cry, he finally started crying. They let hubby show him to me and snapped a pic, then they took him to the NICU for tests.

My hubby went with him while I was stitched up and taken to the recovery room. I remember laying in the dark recovery fighting sleep. A nurse was with me the whole time, she kept checking my vitals. I remember asking her if it was ok if I fall asleep and she laughed and said off course. 

After being in this tiny, dark and very warm recovery (which I appreciated) since I was still so cold. I was wheeled back to my delivery room. It was so strange being there with no baby. I kept looking at the empty baby bed next to me, with tears streaming down my face. My hubby came and said that they are still running lots of tests to find out what is wrong with little Nico. I remember falling asleep and waking up frantic because there was no baby! Then I remembered that he was in the NICU. It seemed like a very bad dream. 

In the morning, around 8:30am I was wheeled to the NICU. I saw my little baby with tubes in his nose, with wires connected to him, I was heart broken. I asked what was wrong, was there something I did? How could this happen? They said that Nico had pneumonia, and it happens sometimes. He would need oxygen, antibiotics and close supervision for the next 7 days. 

They said that I could not pick him up right now. I was so heart broken. I could not do anything to help my son. There was only one thing I could do for him, produce breast milk. The nurses brought me a pump, and I started pumping right away. 

I was wheeled back to my room and the nurses helped me learn how to walk again and use the bathroom after the c section. I was able to shower and get cleaned up. I sat with my baby in the NICU as much as I could. I still had a hard time walking far with the c section scar so I had to be in a wheel chair. 

I remember visitors coming to see the baby, and we would have to take them to the NICU, it was very somber and quiet. It was not a happy occasion you usually feel when visiting a new born. 
But I truly appreciate everyone who took the time to come. I had friends bring gifts and food. 
I was pumping when a friend from church came, she recently just lost a baby and I was so touched that she came. She saw that I was struggling with pumping, and not getting much. She left and came back with nursing tea and goats rue to promote milk production.  I will always remember that. 

I was discharged on Friday the 10th. I went home with no baby. I was so heart broken, but I knew that he was going to get better and we would bring him home. It seemed like a dream, I wished I could just fast forward 7 days and take him home already. 
We went back on Friday night and stayed with him for a few hours. I then continued to pump at home every 2-3 hours (waking up in the middle of the night) I felt that is the least I could do. My baby needed me.

Nico got moved to a different room, with no oxygen!

Nico getting better.

I went back to the hospital twice a day for the next 5 days. I went alone in the mornings for a few hours and with hubby and Emily at night. I brought the pumped milk for the nurses to use. The nurses finally let me pick him up (on day 4 when he no longer needed oxygen) and nurse him, he latched on right away! It was my bonding time with him. I would nurse him, cuddle him, change his diapers. I hated leaving him. But I knew he was well taken care of. I would pass rooms where nurses were sitting and feeding babies, caring for babies who were alone.
God bless our nurses!

Bonding with my baby.

I felt that my c section recovery was easy.
Sure it was harder in the hospital when you had to learn how to walk and pee again.

But I heard so many horror stories, and I fell that it did not hurt any more then my perineum 3 degree tear with my daughter, in fact I thought it hurt less. Because stitches on my perineum and bleeding and swelling was so much worse then the stitches on my stomach area. 

Every day Nico was getting better and stronger. The doctors said he was right on track and doing well. After the long 7 days passed, we finally were able to take him home! It was such a happy occasion!

Home where he belongs.

With both of my deliveries, I have learned on thing. I can not control labor. I just need to trust God and my body to do its thing.  I am not disappointed with any of my deliveries. I thank God for helping me bring my babies into this world which ever way it took. 

I am no longer going to say that I am going to have this labor and delivery a certain way, if I can deliver vbac, great, if not then a c section will be fine to. All I want is a healthy baby in the end. 

See my first delivery with my daughter here.

Thank you so much for reading my birth story.

If you have a birth story up on your blog please link it up in the comments, I would love to read it. 


  1. OH man you had me in tears there, so scary! I love the positive outlook you have on this situation, I know a lot of people who would have had a really hard time dealing with it. So happy you both ended up healthy and happy :)
    Also, second (and more) births can be crazy, I woke up at 4am with major contractions out of nowhere and ended up having my son only 4 hours later! We almost had him in the car, what a whirlwind!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Oh man, I had no idea that second births can move along so fast. I will keep that in mind for this third birth. Anything can happen ;)

  2. Loved both your birth stories :) Specially loved your words "I can not control labor. I just need to trust God and my body to do its thing." I wish more people would have this attitude - no matter how our babies are born as long as they are healthy it doesn't matter! Good luck with baby #3

  3. This story had me all choked up! It just makes me think of all the "What if's" that could have happened! Thankfully you two were healthy and happy in the end, looking forward to more baby posts!

  4. I can not imagine going through that, thanks for sharing! And going home without baby, it makes me cry just reading that :( You are right, all we can do is pray and trust God. It's good to know what you want because if you don't know, you will let them do anything, even if it's not nessesary, but birth plans do not always work out as planned by us. I wish you and your baby boy the very best for your 3rd pregnancy and labor and delivery!

  5. Oh, Rita! Congrats on your beautiful new William. I just read all 3 stories, and loved every second! I'm so glad all your babies are healthy and happy :) So, I am very curious about how you made the transition from working mama to stay at home mama. What made you decide to do so, and how was the transition from 2 incomes to 1? I know these are personal questions, it's just something I struggle with as we plan for our future family, (and our babies aren't even here yet!) I appreciate your insight :)

    xo Kylie