Another Year Older

A few days ago, I turned another year older. I can not believe I am already 27!

This made me reflect on how blessed I am. 

Here are 27 things I am thankful for. 

1. I am thankful the most to the Lord Jesus Christ, He died on the cross for my sins and I feel secure in knowing whatever happens, he is in control.

2. I am thankful to be married to my sweetheart. We met when I was 15, married at 18 and have been together ever since. 

3. I am thankful to be a mother of 2 wonderful children, who make me laugh, smile and cry.

4. I am thankful for another little baby on the way. 

5. I am thankful for our little house that we can call home. 

6. I am thankful for my family even though they are thousands of miles away.

7. I am thankful for thoughtful friends. 

8. I am thankful for my wonderful fellow moms.

9. I am thankful for this blog and the people who read it and the people who leave thoughtful comments and even the lurkers who read but never say a peep.

10. I am thankful for my iphone and computer.

11. I am thankful for tea time. I love to take some time by myself or with friends to enjoy some earl gray and sweets.

12. I am thankful for hot showers. At the end of the day I can finally take some time to myself and unwind.

13. I am thankful for being able to homeschool my little kidos, I love seeing them learn new things every day.

14. I am thankful for my husband who can "takeover" by playing with the kids, giving them baths and putting them to bed at the end of the day if I have had a hard day.

15. I am thankful for yummy smelling candles.

16. I am thankful for makeup. It gives me a boost of confidence and makes me feel beautiful.

17. I am thankful for this summer, for the days spent outside and the trips we took.

18. I am thankful for the cooler weather on the way.

19. I am thankful for the good health.

20. I am thankful that my husband has a good job and is able to support his family. Even though he sometimes works late and long hours and I complain.

21. I am thankful for food on the table every day. We are able to eat what we want, when we want.

22. I am thankful for Gods watchful eye every day. There is so much bad in this world, and only he can protect us. 

23. I am thankful that we get to live in this wonderful country.

24. I am thankful for morning "cuddles" when both of the kids climb into bed with me and just want to lay together. 

25. I am thankful for Love. I don't even know how it is possible to have so much love in my heart for my husband and children. 

26. I am thankful for the internet. Because without it I would not know where to start with DIYS, I would have to go to crowded store after store to find what I am looking for, I would not have met all these wonderful moms and their blogs, I would not have learned about cloth diapering, I would not have known where to start with homeschooling, I would not be able to keep in touch with my family and see their photos on Facebook/Instagram, I could go on and on....

27. I am thankful for all the birthday wishes and presents that people gave. 

I am thankful that you took the time to read this post :)


  1. Hope you had a great birthday! Loved reading everything you are thankful for - its a great day to start my day. Looked through your blog again - you are so creative, from your great decorating to the cute clothes you wear.

    Good job! Thanks!

  2. Rita what an awesome post! I am sure to do this on my 27th birthday. A list of 27 things for 27 years that I am grateful for. Wow. I really loved reading through that. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Happy Birthday, I love your blog so much when I eventually by a house your home makeovers will be where I start. I am not that creative but what you have done from the kids room to your master makeover everthing is how I would love to see my space. I love reading your Birchbox openings because I am a collector through Birchbox and Glossy box so its nice to see what you like as well. I wont be so much of a lurker anymore but actually leave comments.

    Thanks and please keep it up love reading your thougthts.

  4. Happy belated Birthday! I am glad that you had a good one. :) It was nice to read about things you are thankful for. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for letting me read about your daily life with your precious family; I really enjoy "visiting".

  5. Happy Birthday Rita. Love this post! Thank you for sharing.