Pregnancy 15 Weeks

How far along:
15 weeks 4 days

Baby Growth:

4.0 inches

Size of a naval orange

At week 15, baby stretches his/her limbs and bends his/her elbows. Baby is getting big enough that you can feel many of these movements.
This week baby is roughly the size of a orange. Baby's bones are continuing to grow and lengthen. Baby looks more like a baby, her skin is still thin and translucent with his/her veins visible.
Baby is also beginning to grow lanugo, a very fine hair. It will keep growing until around the 26th gestational week of pregnancy.

I have been feeling much better this week. I still get a bit tired and nauseous in the evenings but much much better.

I have more energy to go on walks and bike rides with the kids:

( I was exhausted and sore the next day, but it felt good to get out)

And I even had energy to host a brunch playdate:

I am not craving anything this week. But I do enjoy salads, fresh fruit and veggies with dip now. 
I still hate all kinds of meat. I do eat turkey meat in a sandwich, but no other meat. 

I am always thirsty and have water with me all the time. 

I have been having short jabbing pain in my abdominal when I get up to fast, bend over to pick up something. I think this is called round ligament pain. 

I am still sleeping well at night, but occasionally wake up with headaches and back aches. 

Maternity clothes? 

I have been wearing more maternity clothes, especially pants. 


I have been feeling little flips. It is so precious! 

Have you started to show yet: 

Weight gain:
2 pounds


Baby Buys:

None this week

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. I love that you are documenting every week of this pregnancy! I wish I would have done that with my 5 pregnancies! You are adorable pregnant btw!