We are Pregnant!! (12 weeks)

Guess what my friends?! 

We are pregnant! 

It has been so hard to keep it from all of you for all these weeks. But I wanted to be safe since I kept having cramps, but I guess it is all normal. 

We are just so excited for another baby! Words can not express it. 
We have a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. 

How far along:
12 weeks

Baby growth:

My baby is about 2.1 inches long and .49 ounces

Most of the critical systems are fully formed

Baby is now developing his/her reflexes, if you poke him/her, he/she may likely move.

Baby is now opening and closing her fingers and curling her toes

Baby's brain is developing fast

I am constantly tired and out of breath. I can not stand for a long time without feeling faint. I have to sit down to do my hair and makeup.

I usually throw up in the evenings after dinner. 

Total weight gain/loss:
Non yet, still 145 

Maternity clothes? 
I bought a black maxi dress (for my weekly photos)

But other then that, I am still in my regular clothes. 
But jeans are not comfortable anymore, so I am in skirts and dresses for the most part, which is fine with me since it is summer. 

Stretch marks? 
No, I bought myself this oil, but have not started using it yet.
I haven't gotten any stretch marks with my first two pregnancy since I always used some sort of lotion.

I sleep fine, I just can't seem to get enough of sleep. I actually look forward to getting the kids to bed just so I can go to sleep.

What I miss:

Not feeling so sick to my stomach and so tired all the time.


None so far. 

Food cravings or aversions:

I only want to eat fresh fruits like grapes and berries.
 All sight and smell of meat makes me sick to my stomach. 
But since I have to make the kids breakfast and lunch, I usually make something for myself while I am at it. Something like an english muffin, toast or croissant. 

Have you started to show yet: 
Yep, there is definitely a small bump.


 Unknown, will not know until 20 weeks! Boy or girl, healthy is all we want!

Questions or concerns this weeks:
Still nervous since I'm early-on in the pregnancy. I know I need to take it easy and rest when my body tells me I need rest. The housework will have to wait. 

Baby Buys:
I bought this diaper bag, I figured that it would be great for either boy or girl, it is huge, which will be great to fit the baby's cloth diapers. 

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come along this amazing journey with me. 


  1. Aww, Congratulations! Love your teeny little bump!

  2. Congrats! I thought maybe you were pregnant because you have mentioned not feeling well in a couple blog post

  3. Congratulations!!! greetings from Chile..

  4. That is so exciting.. You look beautiful! Congratulations..

  5. Congratulations! I hope everything goes well and the evening sickness becomes more bearable!

  6. That's wonderful! Congratulations!

  7. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Congratulations!! I may not know you personally, but I'm so excited for you and your family! Children are such amazing blessings!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. The housework can always wait! Babies and growing them cannot. Congrats :) Robin

  9. Congratulations!! Hope you are feeling ok:) You look great!

  10. Congratulations, Rita!! So exciting! You look beautiful!

    ~Abby =)

  11. I'm so excited!!! You look beautiful! Love that black dress. Hope you feel better soon, and God bless you and your baby with health & strength. This is a beautiful and precious journey (despite all the symptoms), and an amazing experience. Wish you the best.

  12. congrats! I had that can't breathe feeling in my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, but later on than 12 weeks. I hope it passes for you!

  13. Congrats, momma! Three kids is a lot of work but such a blessing! Can't wait to watch your pregnancy progress!

  14. Congratulations!! Looking forward to the update posts.

  15. Congratulations! That is wonderful news! Can't wait to follow along on your pregnancy journey.

  16. Congratulations! Children are a blessing!!

  17. Congratulations!!! I'm 11 weeks pregnant with baby #2!

  18. Congratulations!!! Such exciting news :) I love that bag you bought, so cute!!

  19. Congratulations!!!!! I am so excited for you!!
    Esther @ www.dollycreates.blogspot.com

  20. Congrats! And love your cravings--I am the opposite, I was OBSESSED with meat in my first trimester--it even looked good raw in the grocery story! So weird:)

  21. congrats! ! ! ! ! !...hope you are felling well....Every baby develop differently so no problem with 12 week pragnency

  22. I usually make something for myself while I am at it. Something like an english muffin, www.bestmommyblog.com