Attempting a green thumb....

So, I am really bad at gardening. 

In fact, my idea of gardening is planting new flowers in a few pots on the porch, and when they die, I would just plant new ones. 
However, this year, I am so proud of my yard, and that is just my front yard. I have a vegetable garden in the back which is doing great! (my first year attempting that too)

My hydrangeas didn't even bloom last year, and this year they are exploding with flowers:

I also planted some bulbs this spring and all this prettiness popped out:

Hubby put up some cedar on our porch (Which I still have to stain or seal)
Loving this cozy little porch of mine. 

How is your green thumb? 

Thank you so much for visiting.  


  1. Oh my goodness. I am so ready to give up. I am first time homeowner and we have been in our home 3 months. I tried to plant a hydrangea bush in May. It died. I moved on to a few succulents on my coffee table. They have also died. I mean, how do you kill succulents?!?!? Feeling frustrated...

    1. Aw Tonya! I felt the same way for the first 5 years in our house. Don't worry, one year it will all come together and you will be surprised that it all came out so pretty in the end. Good Luck.

  2. oh my, your flowers are amazing!!! THey are my favorite kind and color~~ I love that deep blue.. wow, you must have changed your green thumb status, because it looks like you have a great one!!! how fun!

  3. What fabulous blue Hydrangeas ! Love them in blue!

  4. So beautiful!!
    I attempted to plant some hydrangeas and azaleas, but we had a heat wave hit the week I planted the azaleas, so my poor tiny plants burned up. My hydrangeas keep drying up because of the heat, but they're still hanging on to life. I just plant, water, and hope they's kind of touch and go lol

  5. Thanks for the invite over to your link party last week! I'm just getting a chance to spend some time checking out your blog. Your outdoors look great!! The flowers are beautiful and I would never guess you were bad at gardening. The cedar planking is such a great detail on your porch too!
    - Lora @ Craftivity Designs