My Hair Disaster...

OK, I have had the worst hair experience, and I can't blame anyone but myself.

It happened about a month ago and I am finally ready to talk about it. 

Here is the thing, I have dark brown hair. I also have a lot of gray hairs, so I need to color pretty often (every 4-6 weeks) to keep the grays away.
The salon I was going to was charging me $80 for one color +tip. I hated paying so much every 6 weeks. So I started coloring my hair at home this year. 

 I was using John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in Dark Cool Espresso Brown and everything was going fine. It is super easy and clean to use (remember, I have a white bathroom, I don't want any hair dye splotches anywhere.) 
But the last time I used it, I left it on too long and it got really dark. 

I am sure it would have been fine, it would have faded with a few washes, but the do it your self girl I am, I decided to strip it myself and color it lighter. Yeah, Bad idea. 

Here is what started with. Now that I look back at it, It looks perfectly fine. I don't know why I though it was too dark:

To strip my hair, I decided to use Loreal Color Remover
Bad Bad idea!!
This stuff is horrible, smells bad and very difficult to apply by yourself. 
Never the less, I followed all the instructions on the box and hoped in the shower. 

After I showered and dried my hair, this is what my hair looked:

OK, now I was worried. I hoped my box of lighter hair dye would cover the orange. 

So I used the Loreal Preference color in Medium Chestnut Brown. I decided to go with Loreal, because I thought it would work better with the Loreal color remover. 
This stuff is not as easy to apply as the John Frieda Foam color, And I actually have some stains on the floor from it :(

After I showered, I was hoping for beautiful chestnut brown hair. Did I get it? 

Off course not, Instead I got blotchy red/brown hair:

Now I was worried. It was already 8pm and my husband was home. 
I told him that I need to run and go to Ulta for more hair dye. Perhaps Black to cover this ugly red. 

So I go to Ulta with a hat on my head holding back tears.

I grab a box of John Frieda foam color, and start making my way to the cashier. Then the lady at the Benefit counter says I look cute. ( I was wearing a skirt, jean jacket, sperrys and my fedora hat)
And I start crying! She asks me whats wrong and I take of my hat and show her. She took me to the salon and had me tell the hair stylist exactly what I did that day. 
I told her that I was planning on coloring my hair dark brown/black and hopefully it will go back to normal. The stylist said "Do you want to wake up with any hair tomorrow??!!"
She said that I should not do anything to my hair for a few days and get it fixed at a salon.

So I scheduled my appointment for the following Monday (It was Thursday)

I had hope. 

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I washed my hair with a my favorite clarifying shampoo
and it took some of the dye out. 

Come Monday, I was excited to get my hair fixed.

The stylist stripped my hair, colored it and gave me a trim for $90.

This is what I get for wanting to save money and do it myself. 

However, I am very pleased with the color result. 

I like the hints of dimension my hair now has from my "mistake".

So the morale of the story? Don't try stripping your hair yourself unless of course you are a hair stylist.

Have you every had a hair disaster?

Thanks you so much for visiting, I hope you all have a great day!


  1. Well, it turned out very very nice in the end! I had a hair disaster too once. I've colored my hair for years like 25 with Loreal Preference in 9 1/2 NB - I don't even know the name...just the number. But after my fiance broke off our engagement....I thought I needed a change. I bought some box of really light blonde with a picture of a hot guy with white hair on it. I used it and my hair was awful! Awful...all one color of bright yellow. It looked like I had a yellow hat on my head. A friend took me to her stylist and he fixed it back to my shade of blonde.

    It cost like $100 to fix it. After that, I went back to coloring my hair though. I always use Loreal Preference and I always get compliments on it. I haphazardly put it on every 6 to 8 weeks and I think it gives me highs and lows cause I'm not very careful how I put it on. I don't have much grey and the grey I have mixes in with the blonde.

  2. I actually think the red/brown color was really nice, you look cute with it :) You were lucky, though. A friend of mine once re-colored her hair and got a greenish shade, now that's a disaster!...

    Tal @ The Crafeteria

  3. The end result is gorgeous! I am with you dark brown hair, a tonne of grey hairs and I hate spending the dollars in a salon. I have always been to scared to try colour stripping though and just put up with colouring disasters. I've now learnt to just stick to what I know works or go to the salon.

  4. I have to agree with you early on in your post--the dark color did not look bad...neither did the shades of red....but in the end it looked even better. I too, have to have my hair colored, then highlighted and my last appointment cost $144 pre-tip. So I have been thinking a lot about coloring my own hair....NOW though, after reading your story, I am rethinking my options!
    Linda @

  5. I've used that same Dark Cool Espresso Brown before and I loved it! I've only had one major hair disaster. Back in in middle school when Sun In was where it was at (and maybe a little hydrogen peroxide, ok maybe a lot) I decided I wanted my stick straight hair to be sort of wavy a-la Britney Spears. My dad takes me to the salon and I tell the lady exactly what I'd been doing to my hair and she decides a perm will be ok anyways. An hour later and my hair is completely fried. Dry patches everywhere! She decides to remedy the situation by cutting out the big dry chunks. My dad not understanding what has just happened to me pays the lady and takes me home. I call my mom balling my eyes out and tell her my hair is ruined. After 8 deep conditioning treatments (at $60 each) and not being able to wear my hair up for months (for fear of it all just breaking off) I returned to normal. My mom did admit afterwards that my hair looked even worse than how I described on the phone but she didn't want to freak me out. I think everyone has to have a hair disaster at least once in their life. Glad you got yours fixed so quickly! It looks great!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. No matter if a woman has a "high maintenance" or "don't care much at all" personal style, hair is something we universally care about / fret over. At some point we all will have those grays and need to figure out what action we are comfortable with ... I've been teetering on the hair color decision for a couple months now ... as a teenager I was fearless with color, henna, and 100% bottle peroxide but I haven't colored since high school. Its (passed) time for me to figure out what I'm going to do now cause I'm not rockin' the streaked grays so well. Simply knowing if I make a bad choice the color can be stripped is new info to me and it increases my confidence a bit cause it is a backup plan. Online photos can look so different than the actual, but on my monitor I thought your "too dark" was striking, the cooper tones worked with your coloring and if you ever wanted to go different is definitely an option for you, and what the stylist did is super lovely, the highlights great ... so the question is what are you going to do moving forward ... DIY or salon? You're fortunate you were introduced to a caring and talented stylist (I haven't found "the one" for me yet). Enjoy your current style! Robin

  7. I think you look beautiful in any shade. I've have too many hair disasters to count.

  8. I love the end result too!! Nice shades of brown!

    You reminded me of the time I cried in the shower as a result of a blunt bob when I wanted a nice a-line bob... I had it fixed that same night because my hubby heard me crying and said he'd stay home with our daughter so I could go get it fixed. My hair ended up shorter than I had wanted but it has grown out since then so all is good!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  9. As a licensed cosmetologist I want to say I think it all turned out just fine...but you are totally right though- the very first color really wasn't too dark for you. Just a little helpful hint in case you ever have a "too dark" issue again...throw aprox. a tablespoon of baking soda into your shampoo for a couple days in a row and it will gradually lighten the color. It will cause it to not lather as well but thats ok :-)

  10. Aww...I'm sorry you had such a bad experience! It would freak me out too if I tried to dye my hair and it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted! But you don't look bad with really dark hair and the final cut/color looks great!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  11. I had to laugh when I read this post because I can totally relate. I've had my fair share of hair color disasters (and expensive salon fixes). Many of them started with bleach and ended with a terrible orange color. Thank you for not being too self conscious to blog about it - it happens to the best of us!

  12. I am sorry that happened to you. We women care too much about our hair and we should since I think it is a big part of what makes up Our Beauty.

    By the way Rita, I am Ada. I joined your page (following you) a few weeks ago. I absolutely love your style. I run a Weekly Feature titled Week's Best Looks. I have featured you there before & today, so please check it out. And I would love it for you to support my page too by following.

    And as usual, it is nice linking up with you. =)

    Thank You & Enjoy the Weekend!!

  13. Well you hair looks awesome now! Such a pretty brown! I had a similar hair-dye experience but it started because I dyed my hair a brown and it turned orange-red so I tried to strip it and it was a HOT MESS! Glad your disaster worked out!

  14. SO sorry Rita! I actually used to be a hair dresser so I have heard so many stories just like yours. Your hair looks great now and I am so glad you still have hair :)

  15. Oh my goodness, that sounds like such a traumatic experience! I've only died my hair myself once and it was red . . . and it was TERRIBLE! Now I have a hairstylist that I would trust to do literally anything to my hair. She's fantastic! There's really nothing better than a good stylist! At least you ended up finding one and your hair looks adorable now!

  16. I feel your pain!!!!! I get my hair done every 5 weeks for the same reason....grey hair. At a cost of approximately $85 a month. I'd love to save that money but there are just some things you need a professional for. Just pay the money and avoid the stress. It looks great.....