ThreadFlip, my thoughts...

I first received my threadflip check! Wahoo!

Some people asked me how I like Threadflip and what my thoughts are.

 They charge $7 to ship any item. Let it be a feather weight t shirt or a heavy pair of boots. They also take 20% of the price after the shipping. 

Example, if you list something for $20
$7 of that goes to shipping, which leaves you with= $13

Then threadflip takes 20%, $2.60

 Which leaves you with $10.40.

I am sure I could do better on ebay, or selling my clothes on instagram or something like that. But I like the no hassle of threadflip. 

I get a notification on my phone telling me when something sold, I go print out a shipping label and attach it to a envelope or box (free at the postoffice for priority mail)

Then I drop it of at the post office. No waiting in line, since the package is paid for. Your post office should have a box or cart for paid mail. 

I have had a hard time letting go of things in my closet before, because I did not want to throw the clothes out, since they are still in good condition, but  they just don't fit anymore, or I am hoping to wear them "some day". I figure, I might as well let the clothes go to someone else, and then take the money and buy myself something I will actually wear. 

So I will continue using thread flip to sell my clothes. 

This time, I decided to let go of my colored jeans, I keep hanging on to them, but never wear them, I just don't feel that I can pull them off. 

Remember that I can bundle if you want more then one item. Since Threadflip includes $7 in each item for shipping, I will take that off and put all the items together.

Example, you can get two things  for $12 each = $24

or if I bundle them, you pay $17, or even less :) Just message me on threadflip and I will give you a offer. Remember, I just want to let go of these clothes.... 

Have you tried selling your clothes anywhere? 


  1. Hey Rita,

    My name is Jacob Honig from the team here at We were all ecstatic to read your blog post and thank you so much for being part of the Threadflip community. A quick helpful note on shipping: when you are uploading your items there are options for 'buyer pays shipping' or entering your own shipping label. In either case, you can skip the $7 fee. You can change the type of shipping on each item by simply going to a single item page and clicking 'edit item.

    Thank you again, happy flipping, and don't hesitate to reach out if ever there is something we can do to help :)