School is out for almost all the kids now. I am not sure if I want to stop. LOL. 
I think we will continue a few lessons a week during summer, I am afraid If we completely stop for the summer, my child will forget everything she learned, anyone else feel that way?

I can not wait till the new school year, I will have a new curriculum for my daughter and my son will be closer to 3, and will start doing preschool worksheets. 
Right now he is playing with puzzles, building train tracks or coloring. 

If Little Em was in Public School, she would start Kindergarten this year (birthday in December) But since she is already reading (simple words), adding, subtracting and more I have decided to test the waters with 1st grade. I am perfectly willing to stop if it becomes to difficult for her and go back to Kindergarten work. 

I think I will oder a curriculum soon(As soon as I decide on one I want) and go through it and see what  else she needs to catch up on and work on it during the summer. 

By September, I hope to transform our office to be a homeschool room. I want to get a giant map, globes, books, charts, posters, giant calendar... We will also shop for school supplies in August and stock the classroom with pencils, markers, glue, paint and so on. 

I get this happy feeling when I am schooling my kids, because I get so excited when I see them learn something new. I love it. I actually sit down and give them my undivided attention. Lessons only take around 2 hours a day. 
We do School right after breakfast. We are done right before lunch and Little man's nap time. 

After lunch we do chores, I prep for dinner, go to any stores we need and I get to catch up on some blogging. It works out lovely. 

Here is what today looked like:

Little Em's completed worksheets from today:

Art time:

After little man went to sleep, My little Em played a reading game on the iPad. 
She has 4 different games to choose from, each level gets harder and harder. 

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. love the art idea! qtips- who would of thought? :))

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  3. Love this post. How did you decide you wanted to homeschool?