Mothers Day 2013

Hello my beautiful friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! 
My day was wonderful! We went out for brunch with friends, then a little shopping, out for frozen yogurt and then out to dinner. Here are a few photos I managed to snap along the way:

Our family

My yummy breakfast - I want some right now, wish I could just snap my fingers..

Little Em trying to read the name of the store, it was a hard one. 

Little man enjoying his frozen yogurt, love those squishy cheeks!

My beautiful princess! She comes into my room early in the morning, still sleepy, with her eyes barely open, and says "happy mothers day" and starts crying because she can't find the card she made me! Seriously, where is this sweet heart from!? LOVE her to pieces! Card was later found (she hid it so her brother wouldn't take it)

 I could browse Anthropologie for hours!

 Some of my "mothers day" presents (I chose them myself)

Nothing like Panera to end the day!

What did you do on mothers day?


  1. Your Mother's Day sounded great!! We had about 15 family members over for dinner, and it was great.

  2. We were on our way back from a wedding in Bend, OR and my husband dropped me off at Loyly Spa as a surprise! It was nice to have two mama-free hours on mother's day!