Disposables? Whats that?

A friend of mine did a post about cloth diapering. She mentioned that she would never go back to disposable. I guess I just forget that people actually use disposable diapers. 
Go check out her post, and see her adorable baby in cloth diapers. 

I have been cloth diapering my son since the day I brought him home from the hospital and would not go back to disposables. 

I did a few posts on cloth diapering a while back:

Is it wrong to to want another baby, just so you can buy more diapers :)  Ha Ha!

Look how cute these diapers are! (No need for clothes, just have your baby run around in her/his cute diaper :)

Aww!! so cute!

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  1. Love hearing how much people prefer cloth diapering! My first is due in 5 weeks and I have been planning on cloth diapering him but get nervous about it from time to time so hearing positive experiences is always a confidence boost! Thanks!

  2. I never knew cloth diapers could be so cute!!!!!

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