30 for 30 Spring Remix Finale

I decided to start this challenge at the last minute, I thought it would do me good, since I always feel that I "need" new clothes. I really did not know what I was getting myself into. I have never done anything like this before and I am really not good at remixing and tend to wear the same things. 

I quickly planned my items on the first day of the challenge, I looked at the calendar too see how many "dressy" outfits I needed and how many "casual"outfits. 

I am a stay at home mom, but I love to "get dressed up" The only time I am in sweats is when I clean my house on Thursdays, When I am gardening or when I work out. Otherwise I try to always be "presentable".

  • Just so you know a little about me, I only own one pair of sneakers (which are 8 years old) I use them to work out, which I don't do very often since they have lasted me 8 years, lol. 

  • My only "t shirts" (I am talking about big baggy ones) are the ones I paint in. 

  • I own a few pair of jeans, but don't feel very comfortable in them because I feel that the accentuate my hips which I am very self conscious of, so I wear skirts and dresses often.

  • I love color, and If I could afford it, I would shop at Kate Spade, Mod Cloth and Jcrew all the time. 

Here are a few questions I am going to answer:

Did anyone notice your remixing?
A few of my friends read my blog, and they asked me about it and if it is "hard", but otherwise, no. 
My husband didn't notice, but I mean come on, men usually don't notice this kind of thing. 

Would you have changed any of your 30 picks ? 
"Next time" I am going to do this challenge, I am not going to count shoes in the mix. Here in the NW, you may need sandals one day and then rain boots the next. So next time I will only count 30 pieces of clothing. 

It got really hot here halfway through the challenge (which I was not expecting) So,  I changed out out two of the items I haven't worn (half way through the challenge)  See the 30 picks post

Did you put a "NO BUY" ban during the challenge?

I actually did not. However, When I was out shopping, I didn't want anything. I felt that if I could not wear it now, I don't want it. I did finally get a few things on the last day of the challenge. 

Instead, I bought the kids new spring and summer clothes, shoes, hats and swim suits.

What are your favorites outfits?
I love color, especially green and pink, So I loved when I wore my pink J Crew skirts or my green Anthro dress. 

What did you learn from this challenge?

Accessories are very important. 
But I always tended to get a "new shirt" rather then get a nice belt or scarf.
Now I learned my lesson.

You can create so many outfits with just a white t shirt and a pair of jeans, just add different scarves,  necklaces and hats and you have yourself a few outfits.

Belts are very important to, you can accentuate your waist, or just add color to outfits. 

So enough talking, here are all 30 outfits:

I want to thank you all who left your sweet and encouraging comments through out this challenge. They really made my day and made me go on when I felt like giving up. 

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  1. I love your remixes!

    -Ash P

  2. I found your blog through last week's WIWW.
    I really like your style, and I think you did great remixing everything.
    Thanks for sharing!
    (edited for typo)

  3. Wow! I love all of your outfits and how cute they all look! I need more skirts and dresses I think! I love wearing skirts in the spring, summer, and fall! Thanks for sharing and I love your question and answer part. :) Julia

  4. Great outfits!


  5. Very cute looks! I just bought a bunch of dresses for summer. I don't care how busy I am I will wear them over shorts and t-s this summer.

    Come link up with me at Watcha Wearing Wednesday

  6. Hello,
    I just purchased a long maxi. Love how you styled with the denim jacket. I agree pink and green is a really pretty combo!
    Found you on Rolled Up Pretty

  7. I think you did an awesome job with this challenge! I might consider doing this soon.

  8. What city are you in? I live in Portland and the weather last month was AMAZING! I'm glad to have a little rain back though, because we are trying to grow some grass from seed in our backyard and it has been a PAIN watering it everyday.

  9. Really great outfits for your 30 day challenge! Great job.

    I love your bedspread!


  10. So cute every day--fantastic job! Thank you so much for sharing. I will have to give this a try some day....

    Planting Daffodils

  11. I love all the outfits that you put together! :)

  12. What an awesome idea! I've wanted to do similar challenges. I'm trying to stick to 60 items, and only add new pieces if I need to replace my base of 60. All your outfits came out great by the way!

  13. Well DONE!! Beautiful outfits. I think I will actually try this myself! ;)

  14. Absoultely to die for cute...hey what's up with the made bed? Maybe that's my problem (wink) And I prefer to mentally work out so my shoes stay new.. Hahahaha!

  15. Love love love your looks!!
    That challenge seems like so much fun, I'm sure it's a lot of pressure, but fun. You made it look effortless.
    I'm pinning this too xo

  16. I think you did really well! I need to do a challenge like this, because I also always feel like I "need" new clothes. This would challenge me to wear more of what I already have. Your looks are fabulous, and no two are exactly alike. Also, I LOVE your skirts!

    Found you via Passion for Fashion. Find me at http://greenandgorgeous.net

  17. Thank you for linking up for Passion For Fashion... you've definitely inspired me to try this remix thing sometime soon!! I love every outfit you put together... and you're so right. The right accessory can totally change the look of an entire outfit!

  18. so great ! I actually went through each one of your links...thank you for taking the time to put this together...loved it. xo

  19. Would Love for you to join my link party where we pin all who join at http://myfashionforwardblog.com/2013/05/16/all-things-pretty-8/

  20. This is great - you did an amazing job with your outfits!


  21. Looks like you picked the perfect pieces for your challenge! I love every look, so it doesn't appear to the outside world that it was a struggle. I still can not bring myself to commit to it, I don't have the ability to think to next week, let alone plan for the month!

    Did you plan the whole month's worth of outfits in advance????


  22. I loved watching you work it through this challenge, and especially this collage at the end! It really makes it clear how you could take a number of pieces from your closet and make so many unique and classy looks for the whole month- and modest too! I don't know if you're going to do this again, but I'll definitely be checking it out if you do! I take hints from some of your choices because I am sooooo hopeless when it comes to fashion. Well done!