The perfect gift for the new mommy (at the hospital)

Want to visit a new mom at the hospital?

Skip the balloons and stuffed bear. Bring this little gift bag that Kim from Two Ten Designs put together, and I can guarantee that the new mom will remember you for a very long time! 
(I remember when my friends came to visit me at the hospital, and the brought me pajamas and socks. It was a refreshing gift)

Do you have a favorite gift you got while you were at the hospital?


  1. Great gift idea :)


  2. I would have loved getting something like this after Connors birth. There are only so many stuffed toys you can handle! I'll remember it for friends who have more babies.

  3. So sweet and thoughtful! Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

  4. Thanks for sharing my gift bag!! :D
    Kim @ Two Ten