Backyard Progress

We are tackling a big project this year. The back yard. 
We have three major things on the list: Move fence, build a patio roof and start box gardens. 

So far we have moved the fence and started a garden.

Here is what we have started with.

It is a pretty low maintenance yard, but there was a lot of space on the side. We were tired of the un-used space and the fact that people let their dogs poop on our lawn over and over again. 

And now that we moved the fence, we have more room.

(we still need to replace the old fence boards, we literally picked up and moved each part over.)

I planted flowers and bulbs next to the fence and spread out more gravel to make the space flow. 

I moved some of the plants  I started indoors and built a green house for them. 

It isn't the best looking green house, but it works for now. 

A few pretties in the yard now, by summer time we will have lots of beautiful flowers blooming. 

Hopefully, we will get to tackle the patio roof sometime soon. 

I will keep you posted. 


  1. wow what a huge different just moving the fence made! it looks great! i would love to start little greenhouses like you but our gardens are too big and not boxed in. i have always loved the raised gardens. they look so pretty. and my goodness flowers all ready...enjoy:)

  2. Looks great, what a difference moving that fence makes

  3. Wow! Looks good. And a lot of work you have done! I know you will be happy with the final results!! Thanks for sharing! I'm in the process of doing my yard; while I love the results, I don't like the work! :)