30 for 30 Spring Remix Challenge #3

Day three! 

Today was such a beautiful day!

I went Jogging with the kids and was in my work out clothes until around 3pm doing things around the house. What can I say, they are comfy. 

I didn't get dressed till 3pm. Yeah, thats the life of a stay at home mom. 

I took these photos while my son was sitting on the potty yelling "DONE"
I was rushing and didn't notice they were out of focus till much later. Augh!!

Oh well. Better luck next time, right? 

Today I wore my favorite skirt. I call it the "sweatpants" of a skirt. 
You are going to see alot of it, because I wear it alot. 

Skirt: Old Navy
T Shirt: Kohls
Scarf: Jcrew
Shoes: DSW

Thanks for visiting. 

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  1. I have a few skirts that fall into that same category ... I call them my 'sweats' skirts {I'm an exclusive skirt/dress wearer ...yep, those sweats skirts are highly important! lol}. I love, love your scarf.

  2. I love these challenges! I just love your scarf, I can't resist anything nautical.

  3. Rita, thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! :)


  4. I can totally relate to the 'mom, I need you' story! Thanks for sharing with WW - you look gorgeous and best thing is with only a couple of hours wear there's no washing xo